10 Tips to get started on League of Legends

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When venturing onto the game’s main map, called The Summoner’s Flaw, some little tricks allow players who are just starting out in the game to better understand the League of Legends universe and master its subtleties. Here are some tips to get the game off to a good start:

1. Understand the basics of the game

League of Legends is a strategy game. The objective of a game is to destroy the enemy Nexus, which is located on the base of the opposing team. To do this, it is necessary to gain territory by destroying buildings (turrets and inhibitors). These buildings are located on 3 lanes: the top lane, the mid lane and the bot lane. The destruction of these buildings will earn gold coins to all members of your team.

2. Objectives

To offer a significant advantage to your team, League of Legends allows you to kill monsters in the jungle: Herald of the Faille, Baron Nashor, elemental dragons or ancestral dragon. Killing these monsters will allow you to benefit from various buffs that favor your team with the help of move speed, additional damage, etc. These goals are essential to winning a game.

3. Farming

Gold coins, commonly called golds by players, are the key to a certain victory: it is usually the team with the most golds that wins the game. That’s why you should never neglect your farm. Farming involves killing henchmen to collect gold coins.

Press the Tab key regularly to check the farm of the enemy team, especially that of the opponent in front of you. You should know that a kill brings 300 golds. If your opponent kills you, you must try to catch up with the delay you just took by killing a maximum of minions since 15 minions will also give you 300 golds. In other words, getting to kill is good, but if you combine it with a good farm, it’s even better!

4. Choose your champion

In League of Legends, 10 players compete against each other: there are 5 players in each team. Players summon champions who correspond to specific types: tank, assassin, fighter, mage, shooter and support. With more than 160 champions, you will certainly find the champion that suits you. We suggest you try the different types of champions starting with those that require the least mastery and have simple spell kits. A champion with a simple spell kit will allow you to focus more on your farm, your vision of the game, etc.

The game offers you from the beginning champions with kits of spells simple to understand, such as Annie, Master Yi or Jinx. You can also inquire about a champion’s difficulty level directly in your game on sites like u.gg or op.gg

To choose the champion that suits you, you can take inspiration from the other games you play, but do not hesitate to test different champions!

5. Understand the roles on the tracks

The Summoner’s Fault is mainly divided into three paths: top lane, mid lane and bot lane. These paths are separated by the jungle. On each track is a particular type of champion. In other words, the champion you choose before the start of your game will determine the path you are going to play on. During a game, you must master your champion and the role he plays in his path.

The Way from the Top

On the top lane, we commonly find tanks and fighters. Sometimes there are some assassins. Assassins are who fight hand-to-hand. Unlike tanks, they don’t have many hit points, but they are agile and deal a lot of damage.

The top lane is the route where players compete in hand-to-hand combat. It is the champions who have the most health points.

The Middle Way

On the mid lane, we find mainly mages and assassins. They are champions who have distant spells and usually possess control spells, charms, silences, etc.

The way down

On the bot lane, we find the shooters and the supports. Shooters are the champions who need to have the most impact on the game in terms of damage, but their hit points are low. They then need a support to protect them. For its part, the support must give the most information in terms of game vision, to its team, by setting control beacons in strategic places.

The jungle

Finally, the jungler is the character who plays in the jungle, he farms by killing the different monsters of the jungle. Its role is to gank the enemies. In other words, a gank occurs when the jungler crosses the map to help his allies kill their opponents by attacking them by surprise.

6. Runes and build

League of Legends is a complex game and before each game you have to choose the right runes for your champion. Each rune has a specific effect. You have to read your champion’s spell kit and the description of each rune to be able to build them. Once in the game, you must choose the right items for your champion, in the shop. If you’re having trouble navigating it, you can always follow the guides on sites such as www.mobafire.com

7. Map and vision

Your map, commonly known as a mini map, is the most important tool in the game. You need to watch it frequently. It gives you essential information about the position of your enemies, and what happens during your game. To use the map optimally, vision beacons and control beacons must be placed at strategic locations.

Vision tags are free in the game shop. From the beginning of your game, click on the “P” key to open your shop. In this way, you will be able to get your free beacons in addition to your starting items. The player places a vision beacon to have vision on the dark places of the map. Once laid, a vision beacon becomes invisible to enemies and has a lifespan of 1:30 min.

For its part, the control beacon performs the same functions as a vision beacon. However, a control beacon is not free, it costs 75 gold coins in the shop. Once laid, its lifespan is unlimited, as long as an enemy player does not destroy it. It should be noted, however, that the control beacon is visible to enemies. Remember to place it in bushes to hide it and optimize its lifespan to the maximum.

The most common places to set a beacon are near the blue and red camps, to monitor the passages of the enemy jungler . Beacons can be placed near the dragon, the Herald of the Rift or Baron Nashor. You can also put them in the bushes of the tracks, to monitor the movements of enemies. To practice watching your mini map more often, you can play this YouTube video, during your game. Every 5 seconds, a small sound sounds to remind you to look at your map.

8. Game settings

We rarely think about the parameters of the game, yet they allow us to have a completely different experience. Feel free to dig into your settings and find the combination that suits you. For example, try the different types of cameras, but remember that it will always be better to play with an unlocked camera.


9. The training tool

Before starting games with other players, don’t forget to do some testing. The training tool is at your disposal to try different combinations. Whether for champions, builds or runes. Take advantage of this tool to improve yourself and to refine your game technique. You can take your time to learn how to farm well or flash through a wall without taking it in the face!

10. Have fun!

It is true that League of Legends is a strategy game that requires a lot of concentration. But don’t forget to have fun. Play with friends, who will help you improve in a fun way. Meet people about the game and exchange tips with them. Do not hesitate to go to the different Facebook groups or on the Discords of streamers. There will always be benevolent players who will be there to share your games.

To play: www.leagueoflegends.com

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