5 Upcoming Games Presented at PAX East 2023

PAX cover Ecran partage

Last week at Boston PAX East was held a gigantic video game convention where publishers, developers and players from all over the world gather to celebrate video games.

It was also an opportunity for players to discover and try the titles that will land on their consoles and computers in the coming months and years.

We were there, and we brought you some glimpses of some of the titles that caught our attention on the floor of PAX East.

Goons: Legends & Mayhem

Developed by Ragecure Games

Developed by the Ragecure team located in Quebec City, Goons: Legends & Mayhem seeks to mix ice hockey and fantasy world.

We had already seen the multiplayer mode, where players compete (or play against the computer) in 3-on-3 hockey games. They can choose from a selection of characters from fantasy worlds, such as a wizard who can throw fireballs to slow down her opponents, or a warrior who can equip herself with a shield that makes her untouchable for a short time.

The game will be reminiscent of NHL games from the 90s to the oldest, with a touch of chaos found in multiplayer games such as Mario Kart or Mario Strikers.

But during our visit to PAX, we were able to try the single player mode, which promises to be stronger than we would have thought. In this mode, players will have to save the fantasy kingdom of Zambonia from evil robots that threaten the penguins that inhabit it.

You have to attack enemies with puck shots and explore this realm made of long ice rinks in search of treasure.

We had a lot of fun, and we can already imagine spending long evenings playing Goons with our friends.

Release scheduled for 2023
On Playstation, Switch, Xbox and PC

Smile for Me

Developed by Limbolane

The trouble of trying a game at a booth at a convention is that this little preview is often not representative of the overall experience of the complete game.

And Smile for Me is a somewhat mysterious game, which is not easily approached. The title has some serious horrific and uncomfortable vibes (but the representative on site reassured us that the game never gets bloody or downright scary; we settle for this awkward atmosphere. Moreover, the game is ranked for players 10 years and older).

We find ourselves in what seems to be a psychiatric hospital and we have to put a smile back on the faces of its unhappy and strange residents.

To interact with them, nod with the right joystick to answer yes or no. An innovative idea that makes the game a little more immersive.

Our short test of the game did not allow us to form a final opinion on this unusual title. But it has at least managed to pique our curiosity enough for us to try it when it comes out next month.

Release scheduled for April 24, 2023
On Switch
Already available on Mac and PC

Wrestle Story & WrestleQuest

Wrestle Story developed by TicToc Games
WrestleQuest developed by MegaCat Studios

Well, we cheat a little by presenting you two games at once, but it is that they are united by a shared theme: professional wrestling (wrestling among our French cousins).

While wrestling games are usually more action games or sports simulations, two role-playing games on the world of lycra fighting are offered back-to-back.

WrestleQuest is a turn-based role-playing game featuring several real fighters, from Andre the Giant to Macho Man Randy Savage, Jake the Snake and the Road Warriors. We follow a finished fan of Macho Man who tries to make his place in this colorful world.

Wrestle Story doesn’t have any real wrestlers, but it picks up with a grip that will remind role-playing game fans of Paper Mario. We choose our turn-based attacks, but we have to press certain buttons with precise timing to maximize our damage.

Here, it is about overthrowing the reign of villains who have taken control of 5 territories dedicated to combat sports.

Our interest in wrestling certainly makes us biased, but we fell in love with these two titles.

If you can smeeeeeell, what game devs are cooking!

Wrestle Story
Release scheduled for an indefinite date

Release scheduled for May 2023
Switch, PC, Playstation and Xbox


Developed by Folklore Games

Video games are not just about killing zombies and saving princesses. Some games seek to move us and make us discover points of view that we hear too infrequently.

This is the case of Spiral (developed by the Montreal studio Folklore Games), which puts us in the shoes of Bernard, an old man struggling with cognitive problems (we never name a particular disease, because as one member of the team told us, “Spiral is Bernard’s story, not the story of an illness”.

So we explore a house that houses his memories, which become more and more confused, contradicting each other constantly.

In the demo we tried, we felt the panic rising in Bernard’s mind, who felt his memories slipping through his fingers.

Spiral seems to be a slow and contemplative experience; It may not appeal to all types of players. But for those who dare to lend themselves to the game, it’s a safe bet that Spiral will be a memorable experience.

Release scheduled for an indefinite date
PC, Playstation and Xbox

Born of Bread

Developed by WildArts Studio

The Paper Mario series holds a special place in the hearts of many RPG enthusiasts. With its visual style mixing 2D and 3D, its game system that mixes turn-based role-playing and precise timing , and its cute stories, the franchise has marked the history of video games.

But it seems that Nintendo preferred to move away from the traditional formula with Paper Mario, leaving independent developers the task of taking up the torch.

This is a challenge that the Quebec studio WildArts decided to take up with Born of Bread, a game in the purest line of traditional Paper Mario.

We follow the adventures of Loaf, a ball of bread dough that has magically come to life. Accompanied by his baker dad and the very cute friends he meets during his adventure, Loaf will have to stop the bad guys who threaten the world.

We were only able to play Born of Bread for a few minutes, but those few minutes made us very, very anxious for the full game to be released.

Also, we are dying to have a plush toy of Loaf. It looks so nice to hug!

Release scheduled for 2023
PC, Switch