A charity marathon from 8 to 10 October 2021, the Stream-o-thon!

StreamOThon 1

On the weekend of October 8-10, 2021, 40 streamers (content creators on video platforms like YouTube and Twitch) will come together to stream content and entertain their audiences. They come together to solicit people for generous donations for suicide prevention. These are the streamers known from Quebec in the video game communities. They will use the Twitch platform to reach their audience.

All takes place as part of the Lan JDL Parro Info. A LAN is an event that brings together video game players in a unique location physically. Each of them brings back their computer and plays video games all together in a network. In this case, they will take turns streaming this weekend.

Spectators will be able to win more than $25,000 via random draws during the event when they make donations.

The stars of the event, the streamers have a cumulative average of 20,000 spectators per day, the organizers of the Lan JDL Parro Info hopes to exceed this figure for this event.

How can I help?

To donate to the cause just make a donation on the official page of the event. Your donation will appear live on the official broadcast.

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