A new way to invite players to Playstation 5

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The PlayStation company announced on May 1, 2024, that it plans to soon allow players to generate links from their PS5 console or the PlayStation App. These links can then be shared with other PS5 players via messages or social media. By opening the link, recipients will have the option to join a multiplayer session, even if they are not in the friends list on PlayStation Network.

This new feature will be in addition to the existing methods for joining a session from a PS5 game and will be available for all supported games. However, some games may require an update to ensure they work optimally with this new technology.

In addition, PlayStation has developed a specific widget for sharing invitations to PS5 sessions on Discord. This widget will automatically update to show the status of the multiplayer session, allowing players to check if the session is still active before joining.

More information on the Playstation Blog

It’s a nice new feature that should make it easier to populate multiplayer sessions on Playstation 5, especially for lesser-played or popular games.

For example, for my fighting games, I sometimes have to join dedicated Discords to find players and sync with them to connect at the same time and play with them.

This is a feature that has been around for a long time on Steam and is much more convenient to use because you open the link and the game on the computer. You don’t have to run to get a CD box to change your physical game either, since it doesn’t exist on PC anymore.

However, the feature is not compatible with all Steam games.

Whereas here thanks to the Playstation Network and its overlay of functions, it will be compatible with all multiplayer PS5 games. Definitely good news.

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