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The Just Dance series of games continues to be a hit nowadays but the number of versions and services related to the games sometimes makes the act of “just dancing” more confusing than it should be.

So here are the questions and answers that we asked ourselves and that you are also asking yourself:

1) Which Just Dance game to buy?

Just Dance 2023 or Just Dance 2024.

To access the large catalog of songs, one will need to purchase a Just Dance+ subscription, weekly, monthly, or annually, in addition to the game.

Normally, these versions should last for several years.

All previous versions and their contents are being removed by Ubisoft, the game’s publisher.

2) What is the best version of the game? Which console to buy Just Dance on?

Purchasing the Nintendo Switch version of the game is highly advised.
Choose PS5 or Xbox Series S|X is suboptimal because these consoles only support the phone app as a controller.

On Nintendo Switch, you play using one joy-con per player. The Joy-Con is the controller that comes with the console, in 2 copies.

3) How does Just Dance’s new distribution model work?

Just Dance has been ported to the new game client called ” Just Dance ” which serves as the hub for all subsequent content. All the editions you own will be accessible through this app. Over time, new game modes and features will be implemented in this client and will be available for free to everyone, regardless of which edition you own.

Just Dance 2023 Edition and Just Dance 2024 Edition are DLC packs for ” Just Dance “. Editions are distributed ONLY in digital format – there are NO cartridges or game discs.

‘Just Dance’ uses the Just Dance+ subscription instead of Just Dance Unlimited. It has fewer levels in total, but it will grow over time and returning levels get rating updates and visual updates.

Unlike Unlimited, levels from previous editions are NOT added to Just Dance+. However, the entire Just Dance+ catalog will be available no matter which edition you have. You will be able to play the seasonal levels of the 2024 edition even if you own the 2023 edition and not the 2024 edition.

Players can “share” songs from the editions they own in multiplayer mode. To do this, the owner of the edition must be the leader of the group. For example, if the group leader owns the 2024 edition, they can cast any card from the 2024 edition, even if the other party members don’t have the 2024 edition.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t own the edition from which the song is played, you won’t be able to save your progress (high score, achievement progress, etc.).

JD+ songs can’t be shared. All members of a group must be subscribed to JD+.

4) What are the basic, deluxe and ultimate versions?

The basic version includes a one-month trial of the Just Dance+ subscription.

The Deluxe version includes an additional 3 months (4 months in total).

The Ultimate version includes an additional 12 months (13 months total).


5) After purchasing the game on Nintendo Switch, I received a code by email. What is this code?

This is a 7-day trial code for Nintendo Switch Online (NSO). NSO is required for multiplayer.

6) Is the World Dance Floor available in Just Dance 2023/2024 Edition?

Unfortunately, no. The developers have confirmed that the WDF is in development, but there is no set date as of now.

7) Is Just Dance 2023 Edition or 2024 compatible with PS5 HD camera and/or Xbox Kinect?

Unfortunately not.

8) Can I play songs from the 2023/2024 edition offline?

Yes. You can download levels from the basic list of editions of your choice from their respective pages. The maximum number of maps downloaded is limited to 40.

9) How do I create a custom playlist?

Custom playlists are not supported at this time. This feature will return in a future update.

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