Review: Bayonetta Origins – Cereza And The Lost Demon Explained To Parents

Set before the Bayonetta franchise, Cereza (Bayonetta’s original name for herself) takes place as she descends into a mysterious and dangerous forest in search of a power that could save her mother from imprisonment.

However, she has not yet mastered witchcraft, and when she tries to summon a demon to defend herself, he finds himself caught in her stuffed cat, Cheshire.

The two companions of misfortune will have to collaborate in order to survive the fairy forest; the demon attacks the enemies, while Cereza paralyzes the enemies and casts spells in order to transform the scenery.

Review: WWE 2K23 explained to parents

WWE is back on our consoles with its annual wrestling game bearing the WWE name and icons.

As usual, the title offers us to recreate the fights seen on TV, putting at our disposal hundreds of wrestlers, dozens of types of matches, arenas and belts, not to mention the creation suite that allows us to recreate virtually any wrestler or public figure, real or fictional.

This year, WWE 2K23 focuses on John Cena’s career. The Showcase mode makes us relive the striking defeats of the leader of the Cenation, all narrated by John Cena himself.

Review: Like A Dragon Ishin! explained to parents

Like A Dragon Ishin! is a spin-off of the series Like A Dragon (formerly Yakuza) in which we play Ryoma Sakamoto, a historical figure of Japan at the end of the 19th century, as he searches for his master’s assassin, risking to upset the future of Japan in the process.

The concept of Like A Dragon Ishin! is unique; if it tells real historical events (in a very fictionalized and exaggerated way, however), the roles of the real historical figures are “camped” by characters from the Like A Dragon/Yakuza franchise. For example, it is Kazuma Kiryu, the protagonist of the majority of the episodes of the franchise, who “embodies” Ryoma.