Canadian SMEs are moving from curiosity to action on AI

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This is a press release sent by Microsoft on March 25, 2024:

“Microsoft Canada released the results of a new study on the challenges and opportunities of AI for Canadian small businesses on March 25, 2024. The results reveal that Canadian SMEs are moving from curiosity to action on AI, with 78% currently looking to adopt AI. Below are other findings from the survey, including a strong focus on training and protecting data privacy as part of the rise of AI.

Investment & Adoption

37% of Canadian SMEs invested in AI in 2023

78% of SMBs are currently looking to adopt AI

65% encourage their employees to use AI

AI has led to an average 31% increase in SME productivity in Canada and 76% of businesses consider the impact of AI on business productivity to be positive.

AI is gaining efficiency in human resources

58% of companies say AI makes the recruitment process easier

64% say employees are focusing on more creative and relevant tasks with AI

Hiring employees with AI expertise and training existing employees are priorities for HR (37% vs. 35%).

Laying the right foundation

More than half of the companies surveyed have conducted AI training.

Nearly half of mid-sized companies cited developing current talent as a major challenge for AI adoption.

Data privacy and cybersecurity threats are both among the top five AI challenges for SMBs in Canada.””

Featured photo: Microsoft Canada offices in Montreal, taken by Split Screen

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