Compete and conquer Nectar in NO LOVE LOST !

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Compete and conquer alongside your Nectar Raiding crew in this PvPvE adventure!

Montreal, March 4th 2024. -Ratloop Games Canada announces that their third release, NO LOVE LOST, will be hitting STEAM for a PC Release on March 12th , 2024, as a self-published title. Combining the chaotic, fast-paced action of PvPvE and extraction games, with elements of battle royale, NO LOVE LOST is an intergalactic adventure that both competitive and casual players can embark on.

Taking on the role of a Nectar Raider, players blast off with 1 of 2 enemy raiding crews to the alien planet Drosera. Racing to quest markers on hoverboards and competing to conquer them, the goal is to harvest more Nectar than the other team. At nightfall, Drosera becomes its deadliest. Teams must fight to make it onto the single extraction ship or risk being left stranded forever. This interstellar romp brings friends together using good old cutthroat sabotage and friendly fire between mates on opposing teams.

“The replay value is great! Even after you’ve played tons of games, something can remain hidden and suddenly BOOM! Something new jumps out at you!” – James Anderson, Game Director”

Releasing as a free-to-play title on STEAM, NO LOVE LOST will be available for download at 12 PM EDT on March 12th, 2024. In the meantime, gamers can also pick up the free demo and add it to their wishlist. Until March 31st , 2024, players who download the game and begin their raiding journey will receive an exclusive melee weapon, The Plasmachete, as a thank you for their support.

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This article is a press release from Ratloop Games.

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