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Marc Shakour, founder of the Shared Screen website, offers events and conferences about video games.

This can be tailor-made with conferences that can be given on-site or online in order to share their journey and learnings in addition to helping parents better protect their children from video games and understand their practice.

Conferences with Marc Shakour

Duration: 1h
Possible topics:
– The benefits of video games for children and tips and tricks to help parents act better with children
– Possible jobs in the world of video games
– Popularization regarding the content of video games for parents (What is a video game? How to choose a video game that suits your child? What should I pay attention to in the content of a game?)
– How to protect your privacy on desktop or mobile? (The conference offers many ways and solutions to protect your privacy and data on the Internet via your computer or mobile.)

Price: on request


We organized the GLITCH event in Montreal at the NAD-UQAC school.

It was meant to showcase local video game developers and network with people in the industry.

We can organize your event.

Price: on request

Why trust us?

We have been Gameplay Programmers for Illogika and Ludia on many games and projects.

We have competed on many fighting games including Street Fighter in many countries.

We have trained students in video game creation at the NAD School.

We have written columns for RDS Video Games and

We have been playing and analyzing a lot of different games for 30 years as you can see on this site and so we have a rare expertise.

Contact us for more information!

    Photo Credits: GLITCH Event / Marc Shakour on the right in the foreground of the photo / Split Screen

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