Creating a new service to help young people and their parents: Interview Mathieu Arcand

Interview Mathieu Arcand Gamer Mentor Ecran Partage

Mathieu Arcand a découvert Écran Partagé, il y a quelques mois. Il a trouvé mon site intéressant, m’a soutenu à partir de ce moment et je l’en remercie. Il m’a également parlé de “Le Gamer Mentor”, une entreprise dont on a parlé brièvement ici. Mais qui de mieux que son fondateur pour vous expliquer ce qu’il fait. Donc voici ses réponses à mes célèbres questions !

As always, I think his journey can inspire children, teens and students who aspire to join the industry. It is by showing the many facets, and professions of video games, that we can have a better image of this industry. Moreover, it is also a mission of Mathieu and his team via his company. But I’ll let him speak:

Marc: Hello Mathieu! Could you please tell us what your current profession is exactly?

Mathieu: I am the founder of the company Le Gamer Mentor since May 2020 and I mainly take care of the employees as well as meeting the parents of the young people registered to follow up as well as giving the information for the new parents.

Marc: And is this your first job in the video game?

Mathieu: Yes, it’s my first job in the field of video games.

What studies did you do?

I have a multidisciplinary bachelor’s degree in Law-Administration-Political Science

What was your background to working in the video game industry?

As a teenager, I played video games a lot to the dismay of my parents, who did not know what to do to remove me from the computer. I could easily spend 8 hours a day in front of my screen. When I finished high school I went back to CEGEP and then to university and all that a little backwards.

After my 2nd year of university, I started working as a rafting guide on the Jacques-Cartier River and maintained this job every summer for 7 years. It was this job that allowed me to discover my entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to become my own boss, far from me at that time, the idea of starting a company related to video games.

After that I went back to university in order to obtain a multidisciplinary bachelor’s degree with in mind a better idea of who I wanted to be. After a first entrepreneurial failure very difficult for morale, I did a lot of work on myself with the help of an entrepreneurial mentor and I finally decided to help the young teen gamer heal by launching: The Gamer Mentor

What does a typical day look like as the founder of The Gamer Mentor?

Lots and lots of emails! A good batch of encounters too. I meet all the parents of each young person at the beginning of the program as well as after their first month in the program! That’s a lot of parents, a lot of young people and a lot of names haha!

What are the points you enjoy most when working in the industry?

It’s not something I like but rather people. All the people currently working in The Gamer Mentor are truly dedicated and have embraced the mission and philosophy of the company. For a start-up, I couldn’t ask for anything better.

What are the negatives when working in the industry?

I would not say a negative point, but rather the point on which we must work the most: To democratize the world of Esport and the benefits that video games can be a source of motivation for young people. It is ingrained in people’s mentality because of popular culture that video games only have harmful effects. However, when we take a step back we realize that it can have positive and negative effects like anything or any activity that would be poorly dosed!

What advice would you give to parents who want their children to play in moderation?

Ask yourself what moderation is to you, because surely you have a different idea of moderation than his. Yes, he can spend several hours in a day in front of his games, but how is the rest of the spheres of his life? Does he eat well? Does he perform well in school? Does he have an active social life? Is he able to stop on his own? If all these points are positive then there is no problem of cyberdependence.

In a case where these points are negative, we can speak of cyberdependence. It is then important to remain in openness and love. Do not enter into judgment because it has a passion that does not reach you. Nor have you failed as a parent if your child is a video game enthusiast or cyberdependent. Do not hesitate to consult a professional, because very often cyberdependence hides a malaise to be treated!

Do you have any other tips for parents who don’t know about video games?

Learn! Talk to professionals, do not hesitate to be curious about speeches that are different from your point of view! Get out of your comfort zone.

But most importantly if you have a young person who plays too much at home, take the time to look at what he is doing, ask him questions and have an open speech! The word LOVE is very important here!

What are you playing at the moment? And do you recommend the titles in question?

Je suis un joueur de League of Legends, il faut dire que je suis un cordonnier mal chaussé niveau «setup de gaming». J’ai seulement un ordinateur portable donc je ne joue pas à tous les gros jeux de l’heure. Sinon, j’ai essayé tous les jeux auxquels les jeunes jouent dans le programme et je m’amuse souvent à les rejoindre lors des pratiques!

Do you have any games to recommend for the kids? and for teenagers?

Je crois que League of Legends est un must si vous désirez développer votre leadership, communication, maturité ainsi que votre patience. Je n’en dis pas plus, ils comprendront par eux-autres même haha!

Mathieu, on which social networks can we find you? Do you have any creations, sites to promote?

The company’s website , Facebook page , Instagram , LinkedIn

Mathieu, thank you very much for your time and advice.

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