Devcom 2022: The recap!

Devcom 2022 Featured Ecran Partage

Devcom took place from 22 to 23 August 2022 in Cologne, Germany at the local convention center: Koelnmesse. Devcom is the abbreviation for Developer Community. Devcom was subtitled Developer Conference. The official hashtag was therefore #ddc2022 for Devcom Developer Conference 2022.

(To read the article about Gamescom, click here)

These included two days of conferences for video game developers, B2B Business to Business (B2B) meetings and the NRW Indie Expo. The dates shown on the featured image of the article include the online part of the event.

The NRW Indie Expo is the Nordrhein-Westfalen exhibition of independent video game developers.

If you have followed the social networks of Shared Screen ( Facebook page, LinkedIn or Twitter) you have seen it, we have seen in particular the conferences of Celia Hodent and Yasuyuki Oda (game designer at SNK in Japan).

We also took the time to talk to many independent video game developers from all over Europe.

Developers coming from Germany, Poland, Ukraine or Latvia, the glimpses are naturally in English.

Each of them introduces you to the game he/she is working on:

This is a playlist of 15 videos that you can check out at your leisure.

And I must say that there are plenty of good ideas like creating your own role-playing game as you wish, designing haircuts in virtual reality or denouncing the impoverishment of the German hospital system because of budget cuts, everything can become such a well thought out video game.

Otherwise you can follow some of my wanderings through the videos in French of this playlist:

And all this trip would not have been possible without the support of LOJIQ – Les Offices Jeunesse Internationaux du Québec, which I thank again.

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