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“This Bed We Made” is the very first video game from the Quebec studio Lowbirth Games, and it is set in the setting of Montreal in the 50s, inspired by the atmosphere of film noir of that time. The game is a narrative and enigmatic experience where players take on the role of Sophie, a maid at the Clarington Hotel. On February 17, 1958, she opened the door of room 505, an act that would change the course of events. Players will explore the secret lives of hotel guests by examining intriguing objects. Each of these clients has a story to tell and secrets to hide.

The game features a complete narrative experience, with exploration, puzzles to solve, and important choices that will influence the rest of the story. Players will be able to uncover a dark and mysterious plot as they explore the three floors of the Clarington Hotel. They will have the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity by inspecting each other’s belongings and solving puzzles. They will also be able to develop relationships with the hotel’s employees and guests, including Beth, the femme fatale, and Andrew, the scholar. Every action and door opened will have an impact on how the story unfolds, including how the rooms are cleaned.

The game showcases an authentic Quebec flavour, with local actors narrating the action with a regional accent, in both the French and English versions. To recreate the atmosphere of the time, the game includes the popular song “Parc Lafontaine,” performed by Lucille Dumont in 1957.

“This Bed We Made” launches on November 1, 2023 on the PlayStation 5 console and Steam platform, and will also be available on December 13, 2023 on Xbox Series X-S and PlayStation 4 consoles.

The game is aimed at players 13 years and older and is priced at $32.50 (US$24.99). First-time buyers will receive a 15% discount during the week following launch.

What is Lowbirth Games?

Lowbirth Games is a Montreal-based independent video game studio, founded in 2019 by Chloé, Olivier and Raphaëlle Lussier, respectively CEO and producer, creative director and producer, and artistic director. The studio is made up of a diverse and ambitious team, whose common goal is to create narrative video games with bold stories and unique characters.

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Some members of the team of Lowbirth Games

Lowbirth Games is part of the Indie Asylum, an accelerator/incubator and investment fund supporting independent video game studios to ensure their success in this industry. The Lowbirth team is made up primarily of women, queer people, and allies, and their mission is to create story-centric games that reach a wide audience. “This Bed We Made” marks a promising start for this studio.

For more details regarding the game, please see our test preview here.

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