French internet personalities break their political silences with Le Stream Populaire

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It’s impossible to miss the French political news at the moment, so vocal are the French. The President of the French Republic dissolved the National Assembly while the far-right party, the National Rally, came out ahead in the European elections. Behind this anti-democratic act, which the president himself describes as a grenade because it leaves very little time for the French to campaign and unite, he hopes to once again embody the bulwark against the far right in power in the country, and to recover the majority of elected representatives in the Assembly against left-wing parties that were disunited during the European elections.

The left-wing parties then united under the banner of the New Popular Frontand everyone in France went on a blitzkrieg political campaign. The new legislative elections will take place on June 30 and July 7, 2024 (June 29 and July 6 for French nationals abroad).

Everyone, even the most famous streamers in France! Despite being known for their political silence, more than 300 of them have joined forces to mobilise against the far right.

It’s simple, with a far-right in power, millions of people are in danger in France. We have seen it in many other countries, we have seen it throughout French history. Democracies, the rights and freedoms of all are then in danger. No one is safe, because from the moment you let injustices happen, you become a potential victim of your own injustices, regardless of the skin color, the surname, the sexual orientation, the job you may have. This has been documented in many history books.

Usually, streamers don’t talk about “politics” so as not to potentially lose contracts with brands. Faced with the urgency of the situation, they invite the French to vote massively for the New Popular Front.

The list and the initiative created by Cassim Montilla (journalist at Frandroid) can be found on the website

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The result of their union gave rise to a platform on the MediaPart website.

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