Platform for the digital distribution of video games on PC of the company CD Projekt RED. Formerly called Good Old Games.

The platform can be accessed here: https://www.gog.com/

It offers thousands of games from all publishers, but mostly games released many years ago. The team has the origin of the site / platform, makes it a point of honor to recover the old games and make them compatible with contemporary computers.

All the games offered on this site are DRM-free. That is, they can be launched without an additional program that verifies that it is not a pirate copy of the game you have. Nevertheless if you want to play the games in question online, you need GOG Galaxy.

GOG Galaxy is their free program on the computer, called a client. Downloadable here. You need to create a free GOG account to be able to use GOG Galaxy and download the games associated with your account. Their customer can connect to services like Steam, Playstation Network, Battle.net, Xbox Network and show you the other digital games you have on each of your accounts.

When the client is installed, one can download gog’s games to one’s computer.

CD Projekt Red is the company that created the games The Witcher and CyberPunk in particular.