Ubisoft Connect

Platform for the digital distribution of video games on PC from the company Ubisoft. Formerly called Uplay.

And in order to be able to enjoy Ubisoft’s games on your computer, you need to install a free program on the computer, called a client. You also need to create a free Ubisoft Connect account.

When the client is installed, one can then download the games to one’s computer.

Ubisoft Connect is a popular digital distribution platform thanks to such games as Rayman, Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Watch Dogs, Rainbow Six Siege. Unlike Steam, Ubisoft Connect only contains its company’s games.

BUT faced with the little success that the Ubisoft Connect platform has met, Ubisoft has made these games available on Steam and Epic Games Store in particular. However, you still have to log in with a Ubisoft account via Steam or Epic Games Store to be able to enjoy it, and install Ubisoft Connect.