I INTERVIEWED A MONSTER! Interview Sébastien Croteau

Entrevue Sebastien Croteau Ecran Partage

Among the many professions offered by the video game industry, there is one that is less known than the rest: voice actor for monsters. We spoke with Sébastien Croteau who made it his specialization and expertise.

Discover what his job is in this interview in French and then discover the making-of of his work on the game Guardians of the Galaxy at Eidos Montreal, in English with possible subtitles in French. Enjoy watching!

Interview Sébastien Croteau

Making-of voice of Guardians of the Galaxy

Find Sébastien Croteau’s company on:

The website: La Fabrique de Monstres / The Monster Factory

Facebook , YouTube , LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram

Find Sébastien Croteau on:


A big thank you to Sébastien Croteau for his energy and time !!

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