Lots of games you don’t know!

Overwatch LootBox Exemple

Split Screen receives many requests every day, to test plenty of games. Unfortunately we don’t always have the resources to test, rank and evaluate everything. So here are plenty of trailers of mostly independent games that you won’t necessarily see elsewhere. So we haven’t tested anything, and we’ll let you do the research if you’re interested in any of its titles. Here is a small selection from July 15, 2022. If you like the concept, let us know that we’re doing it again.

Some games may contain violent or erotic images. We try to check before to warn, but we do not guarantee the content.

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Former video game programmer, columnist, teacher, competitor ... Marc has always been very familiar with the world and industry of video games. He decided to help neophytes about it, to discover new universes, worlds and fantastic creatures.

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