Minecraft Live 2023 Recap

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Minecraft Live 2023 aired on Sunday, October 15 2023, on the official Minecraft YouTube channel and on Minecraft.net. The new update (which does not have a name other than 1.21 yet) is scheduled for release during the middle of 2024.

If we consider the Beta version released for PC only, the Minecraft game developed by Mojang Studios will be 15 years old in 2024!

What is Minecraft Live?

It is an annual virtual conference where Minecraft developers showcase the content and features that are to come during the next year.

The full Minecraft Live 2023

What will Update 1.21 contain ?

The next Minecraft update will include a new structure, a new creature, and decorative blocks. It will focus on combat and adventure.

The Trial Chamber is a new structure that will procedurally generate rooms and corridors containing monsters, traps, treasures, and other surprises. Because of the procedural aspect of this Chamber, players will experience a different assortment of rooms and challenges with each visit. The trial spawner will ensure monsters and challenges are generated accordingly to the number of players who entered the Chamber.

Players will be able to encounter a new creature named the Breeze, which attacks its opponents using the powers of the wind.

New features in Update 1.21 include decorative tuff blocks, an Autocrafter block for Redstone automation, and copper bulbs that can turn on, off, and react to oxidation.

The Minecraft Legends Update

The game Minecraft Legends is independent of Minecraft. If both belong to the same franchise, the format of that game is a bit more narrative than the original one.

Its first major update took place in August 2023. It brought important additions such as custom campaigns, a PvP mode, free challenges every month, and the ability to pet animals.

The second update to Minecraft Legends will be even bigger. It will allow players to ride to battle on the back of a frog, a proud mount that can jump and swim higher than any other. A new type of ally joins the fight against the Piglins: the witches. On the other hand, the Piglins are getting two new units: the clanger and the air chopper.

Minecraft Ecran Partage
Screenshot taken during the segment about Minecraft Legends

Minecraft and… Star Wars?

An unexpected guest appeared during the conference: R2D2! He was there to announce the imminent release (November 7, 2023) of the Star Wars: Path of the Jedi DLC in the Minecraft virtual store.

In this DLC, the player character is a Padawan during the Clone Wars and trains with Master Yoda, Mace Windu, and the other Jedi before being sent on missions to biomes far away. That would lead to the exploration of planets, to battles against galactic monsters, and maybe even to encounter the dark side of the Force… Each player will also be able to customize their own lightsaber and their droid.

The Lego and Minecraft Block & Brick Challenge

It was during Minecraft live 2023 that the new Block & Brick challenge was inaugurated in partnership with LEGO! A Minecraft content creator (@hannahxxrose) and a master Lego model builder (Tristan Cain) were challenged to create their hideaway from the same prompts in physical Lego blocks and in virtual Minecraft bricks. This video of this challenge can be watched on Internet, and Tristan Cain’s build can be seen in person at the LEGO store on 5th Avenue in New York City until October 31, 2023.

The developers of Minecraft are now inviting players and fans to create their own versions of the Block & Brick challenge with their friends.

The Planet Earth III DLC

BBC Studios and Minecraft Education are once again collaborating to recreate the most intriguing areas of Earth and to make them virtually explorable. The Planet Earth III DLC will be released over the next year and will allow players to explore extreme biomes and to meet some of the main characters of BBC Earth.

Community Vote Result

At each Minecraft Live, fans and spectators are invited to vote for a creature to join the game’s wildlife. This year, the armadillo that inhabits savannah biomes is the winner. This neutral creature curls into a block when frightened and drops a scute that can be used to create wolf armor.

Minecraft Ecran Partage
The armadillo, the winning creature of the community vote

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