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You are working on a great video game but you want to check that it will please people?
Do you want to know what journalists and the public will think before releasing it?

Shared Screen offers consulting, mockup reviews /evaluation services for your video game, to evaluate your game in development, your linked Kickstarter page or even your linked website.

Thanks to our expertise in programming, competition, chronicles, training in the video game industry, we can say in a detailed and constructive way the positive and negative points of your project.
We can comment, analyze (and even overanalyze) all these points: Gamefeel, Game design, UI, UX, game appearance, game balance, player frustrations, soft locks, bugs, accessibility for new players, difficulty

Here is the type of feedback that can be given:

  • the hitsparks are not big enough,
  • there are too many frames during your character’s landing lag,
  • you don’t feel the impacts during collisions,
  • One weapon is much better than the others
  • The character enters a soft lock when you jump between the wall and the crate
  • This action slows down the pace of the game and is unnecessary. It should be contextualized

We can offer you essential external feedback before launching any project in nature.
We have already been able to advise and criticize many projects and games released or in development.

We give the positive and negative points.

How does it work when you work with us?

You send us a key or build for your game in development, or in early access.

You tell us how many hours you want us to play, and the questions you want us to answer

We send you a report with as much detail as possible on all the questions asked and all the criteria mentioned above.

If you wish, we can also film ourselves during the game, so that you can analyze and understand what is happening on the screen and the reasoning.

Why trust us?

We have been Gameplay Programmers for Illogika and Ludia on many games and projects.

We have competed on many fighting games including Street Fighter in many countries.

We have trained students in video game creation at the NAD School.

We have written columns for RDS Video Games and

We have been playing and analyzing a lot of different games for 30 years as you can see on this site and so we have a rare expertise.

What does it bring you?

The more feedback you get from outside your game, the easier it will be for you to make a good product.

You don’t want to just release your game on Steam and not be sure it’s going to please. You do not have to apply all the remarks that are made to you, it is just important to take into account the different perceptions and make a product that is understood by the greatest number.

Contact us for more information!

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