Pokemon GO reinvents itself with Rediscover!

Pokemon GO Rediscover Shared Screen

Niantic and the Pokémon Company are trying to bring back old players to the Pokemon GO mobile game that was a big hit in 2016.

He had clearly become a phenomenon and all the media were talking about him. In 2016 and for many months, hordes of players were seen gathering in specific places in cities in order to catch this or that Pokémon on their mobile.

Pokemon GO has earned billions of dollars for its developer Niantic and publisher The Pokemon Company.

They recently announced a new update:

On the menu:

  • A great graphical improvement
  • A redesign of the elements of the user interfaces
  • A revamp of the avatars and the main menu
  • Returns of Ancient Pokémon

Pokémon Go Rediscover Update Schedule:

New Avatar Customization – April 17, 2024
New Pokémon Go Visual Changes (Game Map/Battles) – April 22, 2024
Kanto Region Update – April 22, 2024
Go Snapshot Update – May 7, 2024

And the trailer.

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