Preorder… is that a good idea?

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Your child has been talking to you about this game for a few months. He talks about it during dinner, before going to sleep… This game is now part of the stories you tell at the dodo! In short, he is looking forward to this new game. You ask yourself the question: Pre-order… is that a good idea? Split Screen covers this!

The advantages of a pre-order

By pre-ordering a game, you encourage a company to make a profit. You pay full price on a video game that you or your child enjoys. You keep the video game world alive. Plus, you enjoy the fact that you are in the first people to try the game!

If the game comes from an independent development studio, you’re helping that studio thrive. The small business and its developers will have access to better hardware to offer you new content.

For stores, pre-orders allow them to gauge customers’ interest in a particular title, and to order enough copies from their supplier, wholesaler.

In addition, companies sometimes offer small bonuses for people who pre-order the games. You also enjoy this small exclusivity.

If the game is online, you can grow and learn with the community. There are no people who will make you feel frustrated because they are too high levels, since you are starting on the same bases. You learn to play this game at the same time as everyone.

The disadvantages of a pre-order

At major events such as E3, fans look forward to the new games announced by video game publishers. Excited and impatient, they will go make a deposit for this game that seems to be so amazing. On the other hand, some companies have disappointed their fans. Games like No Man’s Sky,or cd Projekt Red’slatest game, Cyberpunk 2077,disappointed fans so much when they were released, that companies had to work harder than ever to regain the trust of their audience.

When you buy a new game, game stores make almost no profit from it. There is indeed very little margin on the sale of these. This can be disadvantageous for small shops trying to break through, as their profits come mostly from used games.

New games require a big update, even on the first day. So you will have to wait a few hours before you can play. Once the update is complete, the game will still be filled with problems, and will have many flaws that can extend over a period of one year.

Within six months of its release, the price of the game dropped. After a year, there are already sales offered by the company to get you the game. In addition to being cheaper, the game already has many updates that make the game not have as many problems as at the beginning.

This is a flaw of today’s games. Companies get them out too quickly and they are not always complete. The money you spend is used to pay the people who will deal with these problems in the end.

Plus, pre-order bonuses aren’t much. It is often additional armor or weapons that can be put in the game.


If you are a fan of a series and want to encourage a company, pre-ordering is for you. You enable businesses to thrive and offer you new content. If, on the other hand, you have some financial limits, this game will drop in price in the coming months and you will be able to get it at that time. You will also be aware of the problems and will not risk disappointment if the game does not suit you. The choice to buy this new game is up to you.