Quebec Steam Sales 2022! Our recommendations for the family!

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From February 3 to 7, 2022, on the Steam platform, users can benefit from many games made in Quebec at reduced prices. These will indeed be winter sales of Quebec for PC, Mac, Linux games or soon the Steam Deck console/laptop.

Steam is the largest platform for distributing computer-based video games. To understand how to use it and the difference with other platforms, find our explanatory article here.

You can find all the discounted games by clicking HERE.

That’s more than 150 games that are available at a discount.

Among them are games from independent studios like Thunder Lotus, Kitfox Games, or Outerminds, games from international studios with big budgets like WB, Square Enix, EA/Motive, Eidos, Compulsion Games.

Games made by developers from marginalized communities and dealing with topics such as: mental health, ecology, racism, etc. are also available.

There are a lot of excellent games among this hundred titles.

We have already talked about many of them here.

Here are some new recommendations for games playable with family or children:

Our recommendations

Run Prop Run

Recommended from 8 years and older. An elaborate hide-and-seek game, where one team hides itself by disguising itself as elements of the scenery and another hunts them with laser guns. The graphics resemble those of cartoons.

Playable online. Requires one computer per player.

The game is free to play and try.

Only costumes and additional items are subject to a fee.

Sacrifice your friends

Recommended from 10 years and older. Playable from 1 to 4 players locally and online.

A multiplayer game that amuses me a lot every time I have the opportunity to play it. It is a question of eliminating his opponents with lots of weapons, or the obstacles of the scenery, to be the last survivor. The whole game has a style of a horror-cute cartoon.

I particularly appreciate how the characters physically react to blows and other interactions.

The game is available HERE.

A demo is available here.

Ultimate Chicken Horse

Recommended from 7 years and older. Playable from 1 to 4 players locally and online.

A multiplayer game where each player embodies an anthropomorphic animal and tries to reach the finish in a 2-dimensional level by jumping from platform to platform.

The particularity? Each player can place obstacles on the level, which he must then cross while trying to slow down the progress of opponents.

An awesome game that has already been a great success, a must for evenings with family or friends.

Available at a low price on Steam.

Or available on all consoles.

Panzer Paladin

Recommended from 10 years and older. Playable with 1 player.

A very good platform game for avid gamers who want challenges.

Available here on Steam . Also available on Nintendo Switch

Featured image credits: Damien Géminard @damsdraws

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