Quick Review: Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara Wild Hearts Featured Ecran Partage

Available since February 25, 2020 on Macintosh, Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

Sayonara Wild Hearts is an action game based on music. See a traditional music video? Now imagine the interactive.

In Sayonara you press the buttons at the time indicated on the screen in order to progress in the clip. You play as multiple characters, creatures that sometimes dance, come to life, and travel through a whimsical and fantastic world.

There is no realism, no consistency, it’s very artistic, and very refreshing, especially very short, for my great pleasure. Allow one or two hours to see the end.

It goes fast, we chain the levels with pleasure and we enjoy the trip, it’s as if we were on a roller coaster in an amusement park.

The game is not very difficult in itself, but some passages a little more obscure in terms of explanations or timing will ask you to do it several times.

I highly recommend Sayonara Wild Hearts.

Players3+ 7+ 12+16+18+

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