Review : 2021 TurboTax explained to parents

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What parents need to know

Every year, it’s the same story. The new edition of TurboTax is out, and we can not update the previous one. We then end up with a software that is valid for only one year. It is a software for adults, to allow you to fill out your tax return faster than by filling out paper slips.

Use this software to pass on information they already have to tax agencies.

Release date: November 15, 2021
Developed by: Intuit
Published by: Intuit
Available on: PC

Game Type: Software to fill in these taxes
Average duration of a game:30 minutes

Estimated total game duration: Between 1 hour and 3 hours depending on the complexity of your situation.

Themes: taxes, finance, accounting

Business model: Just need to buy the software once.

Languages available: French or English

Number of players:
1 player on the premises.

Available in digital format (download on the official website) or physical (CD or code in your Pharmaprix, Walmart or other BestBuy) format

The software was not provided by the publisher for a review.
This definitely influences our opinion.

Players3+ 7+ 12+16+18+
Only adults can complete their tax return
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The game has a progressive difficulty but it is not very complicated, when you understand the rules.

Violence, fear, nudity?
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No problem. That’s a lot of text and numbers.

Language level used
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Very supported and formal. It will be necessary to know the technical terms to get by.

Positive message
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The theme of the game is accounting and finance. It is a matter of declaring one’s income and paying a sum to the community when our income is greater than a certain amount. Apparently, when used well, taxes finance our infrastructure, and the salaries of people who work in the public service. It depends on the government of the day and the country.

Minimum reading level required
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A high level of reading is required.

Additional costs ?
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If you have earned more than a certain arbitrary amount of money, you will have to pay taxes. On the contrary, if it is below these amounts of money, you may get a refund. Note that it is possible to deduct from your income amount, some of your expenses.

Minimum level of execution on the controller required
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We click on the forms and fill in the information. Not very difficult.


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