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What parents need to know

Have you ever dreamed of meeting your favorite Disney and Pixar heroes? Because we do!

Take your place in the magical world of Disney and Pixar with Disney Dreamlight Valley. It is a game with quests to solve to unravel the mystery of the main story, Dreamlight Valley, infested with nocturnal thorns.

It is a semi-open game, that is, the player can choose which quests to prioritize, friendships or main story, as he wishes.

It will be possible to make friends with characters, such asMickey,Vaiana, Frozenor WALL-E. To become best friends, you will have to help them through some quests such as cooking a good meal, fishing together, helping them solve small puzzles and many other things.

Finally, the player character is fully customizable to better suit you. Picsou has a shop with clothes that will only please you, related to the different characters, in addition to furniture to decorate your home or the valley itself!

The game is not yet complete. It’s 100% playable but developers will continue to add content in 2023 like new characters, new quests, events etc.

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Principle of the game

Main story

You wake up in a valley strewn with mysterious thorns. As you move, you will meet Merlin the Enchanter, who will explain to you what is going on, at least, what he remembers.

He noticed that you are a magical being like any other, that you are the savior of the valley who can lift the curse that makes all the inhabitants lose their memory.

  • Your character is customizable by his colors and clothes. You start with basic clothes, but the shop should be quickly accessible.
  • The house is also customizable : it is possible to buy furniture or build it yourself with materials harvested from nature.
  • The player can use a shovel to plant seeds or dig up things. A pickaxe to extract minerals, including precious stones. A watering can to grow fruits or vegetables. A fishing rod to catch fish, shellfish or surprises and a camera to capture everything that pleases you!
  • The character can and should remove thorns with his magic. It is a gauge that the player has, which empties if you do too many actions in too close a time. This is valid for the actions of shovel, pickaxe, watering can or fishing rod also.
  • To befriend the different characters, you have to solve their quests. Mickey can ask you for a special meal, Vaiana to get him materials etc. The more we check in with them every day, the more we help them , the more grateful and close they will be to us.
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Disney and Pixar characters
  • At the beginning of the game, some characters will be directly accessible. For the others, it will be necessary to advance in the quests to unlock them and invite them to move into the valley.
  • To raise the level of friendship, you will have to solve quests by going to them directly. It is also possible to connect every day and simply say hello. Do not hesitate to offer them gifts too!
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Release date : 06 September 2022

Developed by: Gameloft

Published by: Disney Interactive

Available on: Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

Type of game: Exploration

Average length of a game: According to the desires.

Estimated total game time: Twenty hours estimated, but can be much more depending on your pace.

Themes: Disney, Pixar, Fantasy.

Business model: Purchase once. Falcutative events where you can buy moonstones.

Number of players: 1 player

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Violence, fear, nudity?
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The mood at the beginning may seem very slightly scary as it is dark and the world is surrounded by thorns, but nothing alarming.

Minimum reading level required
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If your child can’t read, there’s no need to offer them the game. Quests are paramount and characters don’t speak out loud.

Language level used
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Language without insults, without violence, without allusions.

Positive message
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This game prioritizes sociability and kindness, like Disney and Pixar but also work by collecting resources to make things.

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The quests are simple, which can sometimes make the little ones think who will surely ask you for some indications sometimes, but very accessible.

Minimum controller execution level required
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Very ergonomic using the controller, it is even highly recommended.

Additional costs ?
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Even if there are several events and it is possible to buy with real money some cosmetics, the game does not encourage you to spend lavishly. Think of it as a bonus. In addition, the developers will continue to add characters and content over the coming months.

Our opinion

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a farming game, that is to say that you have to connect regularly to collect resources, talk with the inhabitants etc. In addition, it is connected on the day night cycle in real time. If you play it in the evening, it will be dark and so on. It’s a bit annoying coming home from work and it’s dark at play, knowing that locals are sleeping.

We can compare this game to the Animal Crossing series where the construction remains less demanding and less complicated, everything can go much faster.

For children who cannot read, it is useless to make them play. If your child can read well and likes to build things by being patient, we recommend this game.

It’s almost magical to be able to meet and chat with Disney/Pixar heroes, even for adults. The story takes us, the side quests are also enjoyable, it is a pleasure to connect to them to play quietly by improving the valley or just to do all the missions and collect all the possible resources, it is difficult to get bored.

Be careful to moderate the play time of the little ones, time passes very quickly with Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Click here to see the official website of the game !

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