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What parents need to know

Fall Guys is a battle royale game in which you go through levels one after the other trying to be the last one standing. To win, you have to avoid obstacles, jump over the ravines and reach the goal.

This game was released a few years ago, but it gained popularity by the time it became free-to-play in late June 2022. Players who have purchased the game in the past are entitled to additional items when the game is opened.

Who among the 60 players will win the game? It may be you!

Fall Guys Shared Screen BoxartInitial release date: August 4, 2020
Release date of the free-to-play version: June 21, 2022

Developed by: Mediatonic
Published by: Devolver Digital (2020) and Epic Games (2022)
Available on: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Playstation 4 and Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite

Game Type: Free-to-play, platform, battle royale

Average duration of a game:30 minutes

Themes: Platform, competition

Business model: Free, but a lot of incentive for in-app purchases.

Number of players:
1 player per console, or PC.
Up to 60 players online.

Available in digital format only.
Playable in French and English.

Possible Configurations of the Nintendo Switch:

Nintendo Switch Handheld modeNintendo Switch Tabletop modeNintendo Switch TV Mode
Players3+ 7+ 12+16+18+
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IntermediateCroix 2 01 Ecran Partage Crochet 2 01 Ecran PartageCrochet 2 01 Ecran PartageCrochet 2 01 Ecran PartageCrochet 2 01 Ecran Partage
ExperiencedCroix 2 01 Ecran PartageCrochet 2 01 Ecran PartageCrochet 2 01 Ecran PartageCrochet 2 01 Ecran PartageCrochet 2 01 Ecran Partage
Jauge Verte Ecran Partage

The levels are easy to navigate. The obstacles are big and visible. It’s easy to get good at this game. There are a lot of new players who have started playing Fall Guys since it became free-to-play, so the player doesn’t have to compete against experienced players.

Violence, fear, nudity?
Jauge Verte Ecran Partage

The characters, who look like jelly beans, can push others into a precipice, but in itself, it’s quite comical. The game takes place in a universe resembling cartoons.

Language level used
Jauge Verte Ecran Partage

No problem. However, when playing online games with friends, they can not control what others say.

Positive message
Jauge Verte Ecran Partage

The atmosphere of the game is very lively and jovial. Players are not penalized when they are eliminated, and they can quickly return to a new game.

Minimum reading level required
Jauge Vert Pale Ecran Partage

Must know how to read for a few years to navigate through the menus, but the parts in themselves do not require any reading.

Additional costs ?
Jauge Rouge Ecran Partage

The player is constantly asked to buy downloadable content, that is, costumes for his character. All these items are cosmetic, they do not allow the player to be better at the game. If the player plays without any purchase, his character will have a very dull appearance compared to other players who have decided to shell out money. This then motivates the player to spend in order to have a character that is much more aesthetic and attractive.

It is possible to buy the Season Pass : it is a feature of the game that allows you to acquire new costumes. The game is made up of seasons that each last a few weeks, and the Season Pass available each season changes the costumes that are possible to get. Some costumes are exclusive to the Season Pass, which could create a sense of urgency to buy them.

The costumes that can be purchased may not improve the player’s performance, it is only cosmetic.

Learn about parental controls to control possible purchases.

We also wrote an article about the Battle Pass of the fortnite game which is exactly the same principle as the Season Pass of the game Fall Guys. You can read this article here.


When buying items, there is no confirmation prompt, so if you click on the purchase button by mistake, the transaction is made automatically if a credit card is tied to the account. It is not possible to get a refund on purchases.

Minimum level of execution on the controller required
Jauge Verte Ecran Partage

The controls of the game are very simple. During the games, you have to use 3 buttons, the left joystick to control the character and the right joystick to control the camera. Having to orient the camera with the right stick constantly can be confusing for people not used to 3D games.

Principle of the game

Fall Guys is a game in which players try to survive each round in order to move on to the next round. The game, called “show”, ends when there is only one player left on the game. Each round has its level in which there are ravines and obstacles that the player must avoid. If the player falls into the ravine, he returns to the game. There is a maximum number of players who can get to the objective. It must therefore be reached as quickly as possible. If the maximum is reached and you are not part of it, you are eliminated from the “show”.

The game focuses on acquiring costumes in order to customize his character. By purchasing the Season Pass, the player unlocks costumes as he progresses through the rounds. The more rounds the player succeeds in the same game, the more costumes he unlocks. When he passes rounds, he gains levels, all of which are associated with particular rewards (costumes and money from the game, in particular).

We buy costumes with Émissous (the money of the game). You earn Émissous with the Season Pass or by buying them directly in the game store.

There are 2 levels to the Season Pass :

  • Regular Season Pass – 950 issued under: allows you to get costumes faster.
  • Season Pass Pack – 2800 issued under: allows you to get costumes faster, in addition to gaining 25 levels at once (and therefore, costumes).

We remind you that costumes have a cosmetic value only, they do not improve the performance of the player.

The game requires the creation of an Epic Games account. When the game opens, it will display a message asking to create the account (or log in to an existing account) with a phone or computer. Through this account, you can play with people on your friends list.

Online game mode

There is no need for a subscription to the online console game to play it. The game is free to download and play on all consoles and computers.

There are live “broadcasts”, which involve up to 60 players, and custom “broadcasts”.

Live broadcasts:

  • Solo show: single player against online players.
  • Special group show: the player, accompanied by 1 to 3 friends against online players who also play as a team.
  • Duos show : the player accompanied by a friend who play together against other players online.
  • Spartan Event: The player accompanied by a friend who compete in an arena containing bouncing balls.
  • Group celebration: the player, accompanied by 1 to 3 friends against online players who also play as a team, and this, in rounds with special rules.

Custom shows:

  • Create: Create a round with custom rules with your own friends.
  • Join: Join a custom sleeve that a friend has created.

When you play with your friends in a “show” and you have a microphone connected, you can communicate with them. Voice chat is disabled by default. If a player adds someone to their friends list and decides to play a game with them, the player will be able to talk to them verbally.

No local game mode



Fall Guys will offer several hours of fun play with friends, especially since it is free-to-play. It is possible to play it with friends playing on different platforms, which will certainly add fun to the game. However, we must take into account the aggressive monetization of the game: it is not necessary to pay a single dollar in order to have fun in the game or to be successful.

More information about the game: Official website of the game


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