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What parents need to know

In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, play as the character from the Fire Emblem: Three Houses universe of your choice and take on hordes of enemies and monsters in many levels.

Fire Emblem Warriors Shared Screen BoxartRelease date: 24 June 2022

Developed by: Koei Tecmo
Published by: Nintendo
Available on: Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite

Game Type: Progression fighting game
(also called Beat’em up / beat’em all).

Average duration of a game:30 minutes
Estimate of the total duration of the game:
About 30 hours to complete the story.
45 hours to complete everything.

Themes: Fights, adventure, history, strategy.

Business model:
Just need to buy the game once.
Languages available:
French (texts only) and English (texts and voices)
Number of players:
1 to 2 players local

– in digital format (download on nintendo Switch system)
– or physical format (cartridge)

The game was provided by the publisher for its review.
It does not influence our opinion.

Possible configurations of the Nintendo Switch:

Nintendo Switch Handheld modeNintendo Switch Tabletop modeNintendo Switch TV Mode
Players3+ 7+ 12+16+18+
Requires to apprehend and understand the basics of the game to enjoy it.

Easy, normal and difficult difficulty levels are available. Possible to change the mode at any time of the game in the menu.

Beginner and classic game modes are available. In the beginner game mode, defeated units get up once the battle is over. In the classic mode, defeated units are lost forever. It is possible to change the game mode in the menu. It is possible to go from classic to beginner, but it is impossible to go from beginner to classic.

There are also 2 styles of play: progressive play and fast and effective play. Progressive play allows you to take more time to study information such as level change statistics, mission briefings, and contextual guides in combat. The fast and efficient game decreases the frequency of appearance of this information in order to have a more combat-centric game.

These options are presented when creating a game.

Violence, fear, nudity?

Many fights between the main characters and hordes of monsters. Characters may get hurt, appear tired, or die. Effects of fire, ice, electricity and winds in some attacks.

Language level used

All the language of combat, destruction, provocation, friendship, courage. Some references to alcohol consumption are present in some dialogues.

Positive message
Jauge Jaune Ecran Partage

The female and male characters fight on equal terms. However, female characters have more revealing clothing than male characters, especially when it comes to necklines.

Minimum reading level required

Great story elaborated with many dubbed dialogues. To understand the mechanics of the game, you have to read many tutorials.

Additional costs ?

For now, the game is paid for on acquisition, but the publisher is used to offering multiple expansions (DLC) to its games after release.

Minimum level of execution on the controller required

Easy to play. We direct the character, and we hit by pressing the buttons several times.
However, having to steer the camera with the right stick constantly, can confuse people not accustomed to 3D games.

Those who have played Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity will find that the controls are almost identical to those of Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes.

Principle of the game

Find the whole universe of “Fire Emblem: Three Houses” in this game that explains the beginning of the story. For a game focused on combat, it offers a very rich story.

It’s about fighting enemies and following the on-screen instructions. It’s a good release with a very neat art direction, taking over the graphics, characters and enemies of “Fire Emblem: Three Houses”.

The player will have to use strategy in order to pass the levels. He will have to keep in mind the strength of certain classes of characters against certain enemies. He will also have to position the characters in strategic places on the map of the game in order to put obstacles in the way of the enemies.

The player takes on the role of Shez, who will have to make a choice as to which faction he joins: the Golden Deer, the Jet Eagles, or the Sapphire Lions. Each faction offers different characters to control. Other characters can be recruited during the game. The player may need a team of about 10 characters.

Between each level, the player returns to the base camp where he can practice, talk to other characters, buy weapons, etc.

Local game modes

There is a cooperative game mode that divides the screen into two, for both players.

It can be turned on or off at will at any time on the map during the main story. You can accompany your child and guide them through the levels.

The 2-player mode is available only from Chapter 4. The mode unlocks after about 2 hours of gameplay, once all tutorials are completed. It is possible to replay the tutorials only by creating a new game.

No online game modes


The original game, Fire Emblem Three Houses, introduced us to a protagonist who is now taking on the role of antagonist in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes. So this game presents us with a different point of view than in the original game, which is interesting for those who played and enjoyed Fire Emblem Three Houses. However, those who have not played it will see themselves a little lost, because the story of Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes advances very quickly. Many characters are put forward without being adequately presented, and many events seem to take place without us really understanding what is happening. However, the game retains its freestanding ability.

The game is quite repetitive: you will fight against the same enemies over and over again. There’s also plenty of action on the screen, which might be dizzying for some. Indeed, there are dozens of enemies on the screen, in addition to characters who carry out their attacks that have quite flashy visual effects.

The game requires giving orders to his comrades through the pause menu. You have to give orders often, which breaks the rhythm of the game. The player must always have an eye on the map in order to get an idea of what is happening on the battlefield. These elements could discourage some players who prefer to focus on combat.

The game has several mechanics, but it is not necessary to understand them all to appreciate it. The mechanics are presented gradually, but you have to be patient: it will certainly be necessary to read the tutorials in the menus from time to time in order to master everything. However, we do not recommend the game to neophytes precisely because of the many mechanics to understand. Indeed, it can be mixing even for veterans.

Although the main goal of the game is to fight against armies, there is an emphasis that is placed on strategy, to see if it is an element that you like or not!

More information about the game: Official page of the game on the Nintendo website


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