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Life is Strange Remastered Collection brings together the game Life is Strange (2015) and its predecessor, Life is Strange: Before the Storm (2017) in a revamped version, with 4K textures and more defined high poly models, releasedon February 1, 2022. This version also offers interesting visual updates in terms of rendering and lighting and facial animations greatly improved thanks to motion capture.

Life is Strange is a series of adventure video games released between 2015 and 2022 in episode form. The games explore the lives of teenagers who possess special powers, all in objective view and in an evolving narrative allowing the story to be affected by the player’s choices.

The arrival of Life is Strange 2 (released in 2018-2019) is also expected on the Nintendo Switch platform on February 2, 2023.

To learn more about Life is Strange: True Colors (2021), check out this article.

Release date: 2015 and 2017 (original), February 1 , 2022 (Remastered Collection)

Developed by: Dontnod Entertainment, Deck Nine

Published by: Square Enix

Type of game: Adventure

Average length of each episode: about 3 hours.

Estimated total game time: about 25 hours to complete all objectives.

Themes: The transition from adolescence to adulthood, education, family, sacrifices, friendship, difficult choices.

Business model: Since the games have been out for a few years, you only need to buy the Remastered Collection once to enjoy all the episodes. It’s possible to buy a Zombie Crypt clothing set for $5.99, but otherwise, there are no extensions.

Number of players: This game is played alone.

Available in physical and digital formats on Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and Steam.

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The games address difficult themes and present coarse language, violence and questions about death, but in a narrative context aimed at the adolescent clientele. They are suitable for an informed and mature teen audience.
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Despite the multitude of choices on the part of the player that influence the course of the game, both Life is Strange: Before The Storm and Life is Strange have only two distinct endings. Nevertheless, replaying your favorite episodes and watching the different endings have undeniable attractions.

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The game relies little on the skills and dexterity of the player and is closer to the interactive movie.

Violence, fear, nudity?
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There are several scenes of violence and psychological distress and suggestive themes.

Language level used
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Coarse or aggressive language. The game is suitable for a teen, but mature audience.

Positive message
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The game is thought-provoking and requires some introspection on the part of the player. The endings are bittersweet, but all in all dramatic.

Minimum reading level
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Requires to be able to read and understand more complex issues.

Additional costs
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Buying the other games in the series is a possible expense, but for the Remastered Collection, there is only one set of clothing offered as an expansion, at a cost of $ 5.99.

Minimum level of execution on the controller required
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Requires knowledge of handling the 3D camera and observing environments for clues or information.

Principle of the game

Life is Strange tells the story of Maxine Caulfield (playable) and her best friend, Chloe Price. Maxine returns to her hometown to study photography at Blackwell Academy. After dreaming of a cataclysmic storm that threatens to destroy the city, Maxine realizes that she has the power to go back in time for short periods of time. She uses this power to save her friend Chloe from a shootout, allowing her to reconnect with her after several years without contact. Over the course of 5 episodes, Max and Chloe try to demystify the violent events that take place in Arcadia Bay and prevent the storm seen by Max during premonitory visions.

Max’s powers are called upon many times, during which the player is challenged to make difficult choices. Max’s interventions often have devastating and unforeseen long-term effects, causing Max to push the limits of his abilities and risk the safety of other Arcadia Bay residents. At the end of the game, the player (Max) must make a heartbreaking decision and make a significant sacrifice.

Life is Strange: Before The Storm takes place three years before the events of the Life Is Strange game. It features the characters of Chloe Price (playable) and Rachel Amber, two teenage girls living in the fictional town of Arcadia Bay, Oregon. Chloe grieves significantly following the death of her father and finds a comforting accomplice in Rachel, with whom she develops an important relationship whose nature is at the discretion of the player. Supernatural elements are once again at work, although the characters this time have no paranormal powers.

At the end of the game, the player (Chloe) must choose between revealing a disturbing truth to Rachel or protecting her by hiding the truth from her. Once again, the narration comes to tug at the morale of the player and invites to an important introspection after the end of the game.

Local game modes

The game is played alone in order to carry out the main campaign. It is possible to replay the episodes separately.


The release of Life is Strange Remastered Collection is a great opportunity to rediscover these narrative masterpieces in a new light, or to discover them for the first time in a more complete format. In any case, Life is Strange remains an extremely popular game, described by many experts as one of the best interactive storytelling games of our generation. It’s a powerful, emotional game that deserves its place in the game library of anyone who appreciates suspense and drama.

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