Review: Red Trigger 2 explained to parents (Preview)

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What parents need to know

Red Trigger is an FPS (First Person Shooter) game, developed in Quebec and to be released in 2023.

In Red Trigger 2, you are a computer virus whose objective is to explore biomes, corrupt them, and escape into the HUB. Your travel companion is a mysterious feline who will help you discover the heavy secrets of the universe, of its biomes, and of the few characters you will meet there. Each biome is inhabited by a single individual and is themed around the mental illness that afflicts its inhabitant. As a virus, the main character can help the inhabitants of the biomes by destroying their afflictions.

The mechanics of this game are based on the main character’s ability to launch and retrieve red blocks (Red Triggers) to expand and remove platforms. You can only launch three Red Triggers at a time, which adds a puzzle-solving dimension to the accomplishment of various things such as creating a path, powering systems, blocking lasers, holding doors open, and propelling yourself. The main character unlocks skills by exploring different biomes.

This game is still awaiting a rating as to the suggested minimum age.


Release date:
Developer: Bold Spirit Game Studio
Publisher: Bold Spirit Game Studio
Available on: Steam PC
Available format: Digital
Game genre: FPS, action, adventure, 3D, platform
Themes covered: Puzzle, platform, parkour, technology
Total time to complete everything: 10-15 heures

Text languages: English, French,
Voice languages: English, French,

Number of local players: 1

Level of experience required

Age 3+ 7+ 12+ 16+ 18+


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