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Control a remote-controlled car in a football/soccer stadium and score goals by pushing the giant ball towards them. In Rocket League, 2-4 teams face gravity and their opponents to score as many goals as possible and win the game.

Rocket League Boxart Shared ScreenRelease date: 7 July 2015

Developed by: Psyonix
Published by: Epic Games
Available on:
Playstation 4, Playstation 5, PC, macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series

Type of game: Football/soccer match with remote-controlled cars
Average game length: 5 minutes

Estimate of the total duration of the game: Infinite

Business model: Free game to download. Free-to-play.
Cars and cosmetics to buy.

Number of players:
– From 1 to 4 players per console or computer, split/split/split screen.
SAUF on Nintendo Switch, or it’s only one player on this console
– From 2 to 8 players per online game.

Available in digital format (download).
WARNING: The game was once available on disc and cartridge and was paid for.
It is now FREE, on all consoles and computers, for download.
Don’t buy the game from a shop or a private individual.

Players3+ 7+ 12+16+18+
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The game is almost infinite. It has millions of players online and you will constantly find opponents. Obviously the game is more enjoyable if you play with your friends.

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The difficulty lies in the other human opponents who know the game by heart. It has been around since 2015, and it’s one of the most popular titles in the world so there are all levels of players.

Violence, fear, nudity?
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No problem.

Level of language used
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It depends on the players online, the vast majority of players do not talk or chat during matches.

Some of the songs in the game contain references to alcohol or tobacco.

Positive message
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It is possible to teach teamwork through this game, as long as you are well supervised and surrounded. Toxic players may be encountered in the online community, but the games are so fast that most of the time no one argues.

Minimum reading level required
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Some menus with pictures. The infant can learn them by heart.

Additional costs ?
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Many optional cosmetic items are available for purchase in the game’s virtual store. When you play socially in community, you always want a car different from the others, more original, more innovative, so some players do not hesitate to pay to get the accessory or banner of their choice. The game has 2 virtual currencies.

The game has a “Rocket Pass” that has the same operation as the Battle Pass of Fortnite. The operation of monetization is very similar to that of Fortnite. More details in the article “Fortnite’s Strategies to Make You Spend”.

Minimum performance level
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The game is enjoyable to play with the controller, even for beginners. However professional players have a unique mastery of the vehicle and the game does not explain how to get to this point.

Principle of the game

Two teams of remote-controlled cars push a ball into the opponent’s goal. It’s as simple as that.

Local game modes

All game modes can be played from 1 player to 4 players (except on Nintendo Switch, only one player).

Casual: play occasionally

Competitive: play competitively

Tournaments: Join or create tournaments

Training: training

Extra modes: extra modes with whimsical bonuses and malus

Custom modes: Create or join a custom game by players.

Online gaming modes

You can play online for free on all consoles and computers. You don’t need a subscription.

It is possible to play partly with ranking or without ranking. Play part private, or in rooms to host and chat with several opponents/players.

Note that all players of each console and computer can play with players from other consoles, computers.

The same game modes are available online or offline.


Rocket League is a great game for everyone, regardless of age. The concept is very simple and therefore very effective. There are a lot of players on this title. The only problem is the monetization of the title. It will be necessary to ensure that the child does not spend too much in the virtual store on accessories and cosmetics for his car in the game.

More information about the game: Official game page

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