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After being awakened by the ghost of the piracy lord, you embark on the crazy adventure of pirates on the seas of “Sea of Thieves”. Will you be up to the task of taming storms and overcoming traps to earn the title of Pirate Legend?

Sea of thieves Boxart Écran PartagéRelease date: 20 April 2017

Developed by: rare
Published by: Microsoft
Available on: Xbox one, Xbox App on PC, Steam PC, Compatible on Xbox Series

Type of game: Open world / Sandbox

Average time of one game: 1 hour
Solo life: 112 hours of play
Co-operation life: 36 hours of play
Lifespan Vs.: 40 hours of play

Topics: Pirates, Seas, Adventure, Naval Combat

Business model: Need to buy the game once (40 $CAN), Combat Pass, Paying Skin

Number of players: 1 to 4 players in teams online.
1 player per console, or computer.

Available in physical (blu-ray) or digital (download on console)
Age3+ 7+ 12+16+18+
New playersCroix-2-01-Ecran-PartageCroix-2-01-Ecran-Partage Crochet 2 01 Ecran PartageCrochet 2 01 Ecran PartageCrochet 2 01 Ecran Partage
Intermediate playersCroix-2-01-Ecran-PartageCroix-2-01-Ecran-PartageCrochet 2 01 Ecran PartageCrochet 2 01 Ecran PartageCrochet 2 01 Ecran Partage
Experienced playersCroix-2-01-Ecran-PartageCroix-2-01-Ecran-PartageCrochet 2 01 Ecran PartageCrochet 2 01 Ecran PartageCrochet 2 01 Ecran Partage
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The combat system is difficult enough in itself, but once mastered, many challenges await you. Several difficulty levels are available, and a Hard difficulty level unlocks once the game is completed for the first time.

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The initial grip is quite complex because the game is vast in terms of options and requires attention on several levels simultaneously (navigation, vigilance to attacks, attack strategies depending on the attacker, food, quests…).

Violence, fear, nudity?
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There are a lot of monsters like krakens or megalodons, but mostly skeletons. There is no blood in the game, but monsters can scare a young audience.

Language level used
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Your character doesn’t speak. The only people who talk to you are either the enemy chief or the people in the taverns.

Positive message
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You have to pay special attention to the formation of your crew because it is above all a team game.

Minimum reading level required
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Requires reading for years. There is a lot of text, whether it’s to tell the story or to give the goals of the quests.

Additional costs ?
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The battle pass, the dances, some animal skinset are paid but not necessary for better gameplay.

Minimum level of execution on the controller required
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It takes good reflexes, a collective spirit and a good execution of movement.

Principle of the game

You’re on a boat:

  • a sloop if you are alone or two players
  • a brigantine if you’re three
  • a galleon if there are four of you,

and you will sail freely on the seas of Sea of thieves: the feeling of being on a boat baloté by the rolling of the sea is extremely realistic with a beautiful quality of graphics and colors changing depending on the weather and the region.

You will have to complete quests, you will encounter sea monsters, skeletons or even other players will be there to steal the treasure you have earned fiercely.

Local game modes:

Not applicable apart from the tutorial game mode.

Online game modes:


You will appear on an outpost (port in a village), you will board your boat and throughout your journey you will:

  • complete quests among the four proposed:
    • gold collector
    • Merchants
    • order of souls
    • Athena quests (unlockable once they become Pirate Legend)

to accumulate wealth and thus increase your reputation,

  • participate in events such as skeleton dungeons or skeleton boats,
  • steal from other players, sink them or make a wedding ring,
  • go out to sea aimlessly and do what you like depending on the opportunities that arise.

From a certain point threshold, you will reach the Level of Pirates Legend that will inspire respect in other opponents.


If you want to play PVP (players vs. players), then the arena is for you.

You can make the arena either in sloop or galleon with your own crew or people you don’t know.

You have to stay in a defined area in order to stay on the Arena map.

The goal is to accumulate the most points by collecting chests that appear on the map, then reselling them or sinking the other ships.

Be careful, if you sink, you may reappear but you will lose 1000 points.

At the end of the game you will win gold coins depending on your ranking.


SOT (Sea Of Thieves) doesn’t have the success it deserves, even though it’s an exceptional game, both in its graphics and in its game principle and storyline.

It is a game that can be suitable for teenagers, adults and also in a family setting: the little ones could be in support of the older ones.

Certainly the mastery of the game is complex.

But once this step is taken, the diversity of game modes allows you to enjoy long hours of navigation, discoveries, battles…

It was only after six months at the height of 3 hours a day that I had the desire to sail to other horizons (for my case, it was Apex;-) ).

More information about the game: Official game page

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