Review: Super Mario RPG explained to parents (Preview)

Super Mario RPG Featured Ecran Partage

What parents need to know

This is a remake of the game of the same title released in 1996. It is exclusive for the Nintendo Switch and to be released on November 17, 2023.

The original story and mechanics of Super Mario RPG remain, but it is all adapted to new technologies. It is therefore still a turn-based role-playing game. Moreover, the visual signature resembles the more recent Mario Bros games, and the game offers a newly arranged soundtrack.

In Super Mario RPG, Mario’s adventures lead him to rescue the princess, to explore the Mushroom Kingdom, to retrieve the seven stars to repair the Star Road, and to defeat the Smithy Gang, a group of extra-dimensional invaders. If Mario is the main character of this adventure, Peach, Bowser, Mallow, and Geno are also playable characters.

This highly anticipated game is considered appropriate for players of all ages. We recommend it both to those nostalgic for retro Mario games and to people over 7 years old who just want to experience a good turn-based RPG.


Release date: 17 November 2023
Developer: Square
Publisher: Nintendo
Available on: Nintendo Switch
Available format: Physical and digital
Game genre: Adventure, RPG, 2D, turn-based
Themes covered: Adventure, exploration, cooperation
Text languages: German, English, Simplified chinese, Traditional chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese,
Voice languages: German, English, Simplified chinese, Traditional chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese,

Number of local players: -1

Level of experience required



There are no violent or scary scenes. The visual signature is colorful, and the mood is comical.

There is no explicit content.

There is not much text in Super Mario RPG, and the level of language is positive and simple to understand for children. Some enemies may make minor threats against characters.

Mario and his friends aim to save the Mushroom Kingdom and must collaborate together. However, the game does feature the scenario in which Princess Peach is kidnapped by Bowser, who wants to marry her, and saved by Mario. It is worth noting that the princess is not always in a vulnerable situation since she is one of the heroes who save the kingdom.

The movements are done in 2D and the fights are turn-based. The mechanic that requires pressing certain buttons at the right time to have an attack or defense bonus remains, but its use is optional.

Acheter une fois

Everything is included in the base game.

Local game modes

It’s a single-player game.

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