Review: Tape to Tape explained to parents (Preview)

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What parents need to know

Tape to Tape is a Quebec indie game released on May 3, 2023.

It is a game that mixes hockey and the principle of a Roguelite campaign, so it focuses on accumulating experience and improving character(s) during the levels leading to the confrontation with a final boss. Tape to Tape includes successive innings like the hockey games of the 90s as well as a style of play in which speed and counterattacks are paramount.

In Tape to Tape, you start with a very unremarkable team and upgrade it by making strategic choices, unlocking new players and obtaining new equipment. The backgrounds have a fairly realistic 3D look, but the characters have a 2D drawn appearance, which is the visual signature of this game.

Tape to Tape is currently awaiting classification as to the suggested minimum age to play.

Featured Image Credit: Gameplay Video for Tape to Tape by Odd Man Rush


Release date: 3 May 2023
Developer: Excellent Rectangle
Publisher: Null Games
Available on: Steam PC
Available format: Physical and digital
Game genre: Sport, action, arcade, roguelite
Themes covered: Hockey, sports, retro
Text languages: English, French,
Voice languages: No voice

Level of experience required

Age 3+ 7+ 12+ 16+ 18+


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