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What parents need to know

Vetrix Worlds is a puzzle game inspired by Tetris that makes use of mechanics adapted for virtual reality. The basic principle remains the same regardless of the chosen game mode: the players have a delimited space in front of them and receive pieces of different shapes that they must place to fill each space, layer after layer. Once a layer is 100% filled with blocks, it disappears, giving the player back the space to continue placing blocks and giving them points. The player can see the next piece that will be given to them and can therefore predict specific movements in advance. As with Tetris, the game is lost if the space fills with blocks without the player being able to destroy the layers in time.

The levels take place in different environments that are minimalist and generally dark, which accentuates the brightness effect of the play space and gives a visually intriguing impression of night lighting and neon lights.

The main difficulty lies in the chosen game mode (which will assign a point goal or a time limit to the player, or will oppose them to an opponent), as well as in the fact that the space to be filled has a depth of 2 blocks, which challenges the player’s logic and skill in 3D orientation. The player must therefore show dexterity and rotate his play space to maximize the use of blocks and make points. To place the blocks, the player must grab them with their hand and turn them manually, which brings an interesting immersive side and additional difficulty.

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Overview of game space and mechanics.


Release date: 29 June 2023
Developer: Vagabond
Publisher: Vagabond
Available on: Steam VR
Available format: Digital
Version tested: Steam VR

Game genre: Puzzle
Duration of a game: About 5 minutes, depending on the mode
Total time to complete everything: -

Text languages: German, English, Simplified chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese,
Voice languages: No voice

Number of local players: 1
Number of online players: 1

Level of experience required

Age 3+ 7+ 12+ 16+ 18+

No nudity. There are also no swearing, adult themes or violence.

There is very little text. Most objectives are less than one sentence. Otherwise, there is no reading to do.

It’s a logic game that pushes us to push ourselves and improve our scores.

The game requires some dexterity but does not require walking or turning, which greatly reduces the risk of discomfort that a player can experience with virtual reality. The biggest difficulty is turning the blocks.

No additional cost.

Local game modes

In local mode, it is possible to play the single player campaign (beat all levels in order, with different secondary objectives at each level).

There is also the arcade mode, which offers 4 options:

  • High Score – The goal is to achieve the highest possible score in 5 minutes.
  • Time Attack – The goal is to reach the predetermined score as quickly as possible.
  • Survival Mode – The goal is to play as long as possible without losing the game.
  • Free Mode – This is an unlimited mode, for stress-free fun!

Online Game Modes

There is an online cooperative mode and an online competitive mode.

In co-op mode, both players have their own side of the play space, which requires coordinating movements. The space is still 2 blocks deep, but one player takes care of the front and another takes the back, so you can no longer rotate the playing space.

In competitive mode, players compete side by side for the highest score and have their own separate play space.

There are online Leaderboards, to allow everyone to compare their scores with those of other players in the world.

Expansions/Add-ons (DLC)

No extensions.

Our opinion

Vetrix Worlds is a fun and light game, which allows you to make short gaming sessions alone or with friends. It is visually very pretty and the interface is efficient and stimulating, you quickly understand what to do without much explanation. The principle of the game is motivating and the mechanics are pleasant, everything is functional and working with no latency. It’s nice to see the blocks light up when you place them and explode when you manage to destroy a layer.

It’s definitely a puzzle game, you have to think and prepare your moves and take the time to analyze the game space before placing each block. The game offers a stimulating challenge without it being too difficult, the perfect balance for this type of game.

It’s a great game for people who are new to virtual reality or looking for a quiet, immersive game to play seated without detracting from the experience. If you like to play Tetris or do sudokus or crossword puzzles to relax, consider getting Vetrix Worlds! It is the perfect balance of fun and logic, in an interesting bright atmosphere, to explore alone or with friends. The price is also fair, at less than $ 20, it is a purchase that won’t bleed you dry and can easily please all audiences.

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