Spirit City: Lofi Sessions now has a release date!

Spirit City Lofi Sessions Featured Shared Screen

Montreal, Canada — January 23, 2024 – Mooncube Games Press Release

Mooncube Games has unveiled a brand new trailer showcasing more details about their upcoming title, including the game’s official launch date. Spirit City: Lofi Sessions will be released on PC via the Steam platform on April 8, 2024.

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions is a playful focus tool that allows players to create their own lofi environment. Eliminate distractions and improve your concentration in a cozy , customizable atmosphere – tailored to the player to promote productivity and relaxation in their daily life.

The game offers users an immersive alternative to using multiple apps simultaneously while they work or relax. It’s a single, streamlined dashboard that combines audio, visual, and organizational features into one charming and peaceful experience.

Soft, soothing lofi music and dynamic soundscapes such as falling rain and crackling fireplace create the perfect mood for stress-relieving and relaxing. All in-game music is courtesy of Homework Radio and is fully stream-friendly, perfect for streaming on YouTube or Twitch as background music.

Players can customize their avatar and surroundings to suit their mood, choosing from a multitude of clothing, hairstyle, color, and decoration options. From hoodies to shoes, bookcases to boba teas, lights to fireplaces, dozens of options are available to allow players to express their unique personality and the atmosphere they want.

In the world of Spirit City, no one feels alone thanks to the Spirits who are always by our side. To attract them, you just have to find the right combination of activities, soundscapes and light. Once found, spirits are added to your collection and can be used as companions. And yes, all Spirits can be cuddled!

The game encourages the creation of healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits. For example, built-in productivity tools, such as the to-do list, encourage users to stay organized, and the pomodoro timer reminds users to take regular breaks. Players earn XP and level up by spending time in the game and using the focus tools at their disposal. They can unlock new items over time, ranging from new clothes, accessories, and decorations for your room, to clues to discover more Spirits. Being productive has never been so satisfying!

The demo version of the game has been available on Steam since November 3, 2023, and a growing number of people are already testifying to its positive impact. By incorporating play into their daily activities such as work, study, play, and reading, many gamers have reported improved productivity, relief from ADHD symptoms and anxiety, and increased relaxation.

The demo version is currently available on Steam here.

About Mooncube Games

Mooncube Games is made up of an experienced team of 3 people based in Montreal, Canada. Mooncube believes in the power of games to evoke emotion, inspire change, and provide a safe space for players, and these values shine through in every aspect of the Spirit City experience.

Mooncube Games Official Website

About Homework Radio

Music label specializing in lofi/chill/relaxing music.

Bringing together and promoting audiovisual artists to produce original content for Youtube and tell stories through music.

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