Squido Studio unveils its new game: DigiGods!

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On February 16, 2024 in Montreal, Squido Studio enthusiastically announces DigiGods, an innovative virtual and mixed reality (VR/MR) sandbox game that aims to redefine the standards of gaming in these immersive environments.

Previewed at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC), DigiGods combines the limitless ingenuity of platforms such as Roblox with a physics-based drag-and-drop system, inspired by Garry’s Mod, allowing for exceptional creativity and interaction in a real-time multiplayer environment.

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DigiGods offers a VR/MR sandbox platform where players can build, play, and share their creations without requiring programming skills. With its intuitive drag-and-drop system and revolutionary real-time multiplayer physics, DigiGods opens up new creative and interactive avenues in the world of video games. From intricate puzzles to zero-gravity shooters to board games, the possibilities at DigiGods are endless. Players can create, play, and share mini-games in VR with minimal loading times, providing a smooth and immersive experience.

In anticipation of its global announcement, Squido Studio has launched a new website featuring a countdown to the DigiGods reveal. Fans and enthusiasts are invited to join the countdown and be among the first to experience the future of VR/MR gaming.

The trailer will be unveiled on March 15, 2024 on https://www.digigods.gg/ .

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Squido Studio, based in Montreal, Canada, is an innovative video game studio dedicated to reinventing classic gaming experiences. Their adventure platformer, No More Rainbows, has been a big hit with over 500,000 players since its beta release, putting it at the top of its category on Meta’s Quest Store. With regular updates and expansions, No More Rainbows is now available on Meta Quest, Steam, Pico, and coming soon to PSVR 2 this year.

Their commitment to innovation has been supported by significant funding, with over CAD$2.5 million invested in their VR projects. These investments fuel their mission to push the boundaries of VR/MR gaming, ensuring that their creative ideas come to life and reach gamers around the world.

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Article produced jointly with Squido Studio as part of a communication campaign about the announcement of DigiGods

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