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Choose your favorite ninja turtle and battle hordes and hordes of enemies in multiple levels. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge offers a new progression fighting game, similar to those released during the 90s in arcade, Super Nintendo and Genesis/Megadrive.

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Release date: Currently in development. No date announced

Developed by: Tribute Games
Published by: DotEmu
Available on:
Nintendo Switch and PC, no more details announced.

Type of game: Progress combat game (also called Beat’em all, beat’em up)

Average game time: 20 minutes

Business model: Need to buy the main game.

Number of players:
From 1 to 4 local players

Age3+ 7+ 12+16+18+Comments
New playersCroix-2-01-Ecran-PartageCroix-2-01-Ecran-PartageVery easy to play. We move forward and press several times on the attack buttons.
Intermediate playersCroix-2-01-Ecran-PartageCroix-2-01-Ecran-Partage
Experienced playersCroix-2-01-Ecran-PartageCroix-2-01-Ecran-PartageThere is, however, a great depth of play for those who will dwell on it.
Jauge Verte Ecran Partage

Several difficulty modes are available and there is something to satisfy the most hardcore players as well.

Violence, fear, nudity?
Jauge Jaune Ecran Partage

Everyone fights with punches, foot, knives, firearms, magical attacks (fire, wind, ice, electric).

Level of language used
Jauge Jaune Ecran Partage

The protagonists provoke and taunt before or during the fighting.

Positive message
Jauge Jaune Ecran Partage

It is possible to teach teamwork through this game, as long as you are well supervised and surrounded, but that’s it.

Minimum reading level required
Pale Green Gauge Sharing Screen

Very little text. Playable without knowing how to read.

Additional costs ?
Jauge Verte Ecran Partage

Extensions will be available in the future.

Minimum level of execution on the controller required
Pale Green Gauge Sharing Screen

The game is enjoyable to play with the controller, even for beginners.

Principle of the game

Choose your favorite ninja turtle and advance through the levels by hitting all enemies to advance.

More information about the game: Official game page


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