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With the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents have seen their teens’ screen time increase dramatically. Indeed, with confinements, curfews and other restrictions, this restricts sports outings, with friends or simply going to school, to the colleague.

That says more screen time, also implies a possible increase in the consumption of video games especially during adolescence. Some parents find themselves distraught about this. This is how Mathieu Arcand came up with the idea of creating the Gamer Mentor.

What’s the Gamer Mentor?

The Gamer Mentor offers coaching and discipline to help young people balance their lives. That is, young people will have a program, and a plan to follow so that video games do not just become the center of their lives.

The Gamer Mentor is a company made up of several coaches, who ensure that young people do a sport, get enough sleep, have good academic results, and practice their video games effectively.

In the same way that a Hockey player practices with a coach who gives him advice on how to train effectively. Gamer Mentor coaches will teach different techniques in each game, give methods to manage anger, help understand the youngster’s mistakes during the game…

Support for young people

Cyberbullying has unfortunately become all too common these days and can be a great danger to teenagers who may not have the necessary hindsight, to judge written or received comments on the Internet. The Gamer Mentor also provides support at this level. It is known that at this age, young people like to refer to other people than just their parents.

Officially launched in the summer of 2020 with a 100% remote formula, the Gamer Mentor is a company that includes a dozen employees, coaches, each specialized in different games.

Obviously at Shared Screen, it is a cause that is close to our hearts, since we want parents and children to be informed and supervised.

You can find all the information here about The Mentor Gamer:

The Mentor Gamer Official Website

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