The Virtual Guardians Foundation presents the new version of Quartier.Québec!

Quartier Quebec new version Shared Screen

The Virtual Guardians Foundation announces the renovation of Quartier.Québec , an online platform dedicated primarily to young people aged 14 to 25. On this site, young people can access reliable information on various topics, tools and programs to make their projects a reality, as well as physical and mental health resources, and even entertainment.

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A major novelty is the introduction of a Neighbourhood Committee, offering young people the opportunity to actively participate in the evolution of the platform and to benefit from scholarships as active members. The aim is to bring together different initiatives and organisations working in favour of young people on the same platform.

On the platform’s main street, detailed information about the Virtual Guardians Foundation, its digital street worker service, and its network of official broadcasters is available. Content prepared by the team is also accessible, and a bulletin board informs about current events in the Quartier.

QuartierQuébec V2 Shared Screen
QuartierQuébec V2 Shared Screen

In the Well-Being section, psychologist LudiPsy offers articles on mental health and video games. The Gamer Mentor offers workshops, and Tel-Jeunes ‘ contact information is provided in the TJ Space for those who need to chat.

The Projects section presents initiatives to help with the realization of projects, with programs such as Desjardins Group’s Dreaming the Impossible and La Fabrique à Projets. A link to the new mobile game Alea, a decision-making simulator, is also available. The Project Browser highlights organizations or projects awaiting sponsorship in the Quartier.

In the Entertainment section, the Artisans of Azure gang offers videos explaining the world of Grandeur Nature, as well as tutorials on how to create your own medieval props.

Finally, in the Take Action section, the Neighbourhood Committee offers young people the opportunity to make a difference in the Neighbourhood. Young people are encouraged to discover the charter to become a responsible Cybercitizen and to participate in the discussions in the Agora.

Some blocks and buildings on the platform are still empty, as Quartier.Québecwill not be static. It will constantly evolve, and young people aged 14 to 25 are invited to sign up for the Neighbourhood Committee to contribute to the construction of a neighbourhood where life is good. Quartier.Québec is made possible thanks to the collaboration of key partners such as Desjardins Group and the Government of Quebec, as well as generous donors, including Behaviour Interactive.

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