TMNT Shredder’s Revenge DLC: Dimension Shellshock Review

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder’s Revenge: Dimension Shellshock is DLC (DLC) for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder’s Revenge game we tested last year. It is developed by Tribute Games in Quebec, and published by DotEmu in France.

It contains the following additional content:

  • A brand new Survival Mode!
  • Collect crystals and travel through dimensions that pay homage to TMNT’s different eras.
  • New Playable Characters: Play as Usagi Yojimbo and Karai in Story, Arcade and Survival modes!
  • New music tracks from Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania, Streets of Rage 4 DLC, Metal Slug Tactics…)!
  • Exclusive color palettes to unlock.
  • A leaderboard for Survival Mode

That’s for the press release part.

And that’s what it looks like at stake:

Our impressions

It’s nice to have new content in the game. I love the original game, but after finishing the story several times in all the difficulties, there’s not much to do in this one.

That’s where DLC comes in. The 2 new characters are very pleasant to play and have had the right to the same care in terms of graphics and animations as the other characters. It’s funny to find attacks from TMNT Tournament Fighters and even Streets of Rage 4 in their range of moves.

Survival mode

The most important addition is the Survival Mode which has the way the DLC of Streets of Rage 4 tries to bring unlimited content for the most passionate fans of the original game.

It is either very difficult, or it adapts to the difficulty chosen in Story mode, or I am rusty, because I lose the inside very quickly. Each new level in this mode takes place on a single screen, without scrolling. The backgrounds and levels are beautiful and very well done…

… apart from the levels in the comic pages: these are absolutely unclear; There is a large hole right in the middle of one of them. We do not understand the limit, we do not stop slipping and falling into it by mistake. And when you join an existing online game in this level, the chosen character appears and falls directly into the hole. I understand the artistic approach behind them, but in practice, they are not very functional.

Another point, at the end of each level of the survival mode, you will have the choice between 2 options: these can be bonuses or penalties. This is another feature borrowed from the SOR4 DLC from the same publisher. However we see the icons of the 2 options but we do not know what they correspond to, there is no description for them. You have to select them, and a screen indicating what you have chosen finally appears. It will therefore be necessary to learn by heart the effects of bonuses and penalties to survive through the levels.

Also in this mode, the characters had a reset level of experience. It will therefore be necessary to make them progress again by repeatedly playing this survival mode. Skill progression and experience level is not transmitted between Story Mode and Survival. To progress the character in survival mode, you must collect and collect crystals, in order to unlock colors, and health points. Aerial special moves, after an avoidance, are directly unlocked for all characters in this mode, thankfully.

There are some colors to unlock, and bosses to embody (Bebop, Rocksteady, Shredder) temporarily using the bonuses.


Dimension Shellshock is a DLC with modest content but also at a modest price, about 10 Canadian dollars. It’s nice to have new content for such a good game. However, if the highly repetitive survival mode doesn’t hook you, the DLC won’t be worth it. It is one more romp playable up to 6 online, ideal for rainy days.

When we tested the game, there were graphical bugs and UI (user interface) elements that didn’t appear on the Steam Deck. Everything appeared and worked properly on our desktop PC. It’s the same bugs as on this video sponsored by DotEmu strangely.

The expansion seems to have been released a little too quickly to match the marketing around the movie TMNT Mutant Mayhem released on August 2 in theaters. It lacks a bit of tweaking and playtest.

There is no doubt that everything will be fixed and patched very quickly.

A key for the test of this DLC was provided by the publisher, this does not influence our opinion.

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