Video games jobs: Interview Cédric Michéa, Lead QA Tester

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I knew Cédric through an old job. Many people idealize working in video games and testing them.

I want to talk to him today because I know that he wanted to work in the video game industry for a long time and that he succeeded in doing so. I think her background can inspire children, teenagers and students who aspire to join the industry. I would like him to tell us exactly what his job is.

Marc: Hello Cedric! Could you please tell us what your current profession is?

Cédric: Hello Marc, I am currently Lead tester Senior at illogika

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Marc: And is this your first job in the video game?

Cédric: No, I was given a chance in 1997 when I had no experience, this experience I acquired through several companies over 24 years

What studies did you do?

I have a BAC in Secretarial-Office Automation; at the time when I started in the industry studies were less essential to work, we trained you on the job with the experience of the elders.

What was your background to working in the video game industry?

Without any experience in computer science but a little in office automation, I harassed all the gaming companies by writing beautiful motivation letters or by going directly to the spot to impose an interview. Above all, I wanted to show my passion for video games.

What does a typical day as a Quality Assurance Tester look like?

You open a big wardrobe full of games from all over the industry and you get paid to play all day what you want…. But no, of course not, that is the popular belief. Generally you check globally the work that has been done either the night before, or it is more spontaneous and you respond to test requests on design, programming, sound etc. You help yourself with a test plan or a checklist to not forget anything but above all you play, you play and you replay the build. Then when you have identified anomalies, you check the corrections and start the whole process again.

What are the points you enjoy most when working in the industry?

Even if the fundamentals remain the same, it is an industry that moves a lot, especially with the new technologies, we learn about it every day. Also it remains a small world where everyone ends up knowing each other, it has its good and not so good sides.

What are the negatives when working in the industry?

Concessions often have to be made in order to deliver a product, and sometimes quality is not given enough value. We sometimes have to mourn our standards. Luckily, at my current job the quality is taken very seriously and constantly improving.

What advice would you give to students who want to enter the industry?

I will advise to be patient, to study well, to get started by being ready and very informed. Be curious and ask as many questions as possible.

What advice would you give to parents who want their children to play in moderation?

Communication is the key, you have to be interested to capture their attention. Then the message goes better

Do you have any other tips for parents who don’t know a video game?

We can learn from our children, they have been immersed in it since childhood, so why not ask them for advice or information, they are best able to understand the industry. Then turn to professionals and supervise them in a school curriculum that could lead them to industry.

What are you playing at the moment? And do you recommend the titles in question?

I play as many games as possible that come out, no matter the medium, reviews etc, I have to get an idea of the market regularly. I’m rather retro gamer so when I have a little time to kill in selfish just for me, I play Pacman, Galaga, 1942 etc, retro hits with adrenaline rushes.

Do you have any games to recommend for the kids? and for teenagers?

I do not like to recommend games, we are all different and I rarely listen to reviews, I prefer to get an idea for myself. So I will advise to play games that make us happy, that give us satisfaction, not necessarily trendy games that do not join us but that we must absolutely play to be hot.

Cédric, on which social networks can we find you? Do you have any creations, sites to promote?

I am on LinkedIn,do not hesitate to ask me questions, it will be my pleasure to answer them as soon as possible.

Cedric, thank you very much for your time and advice.

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