Interview with Kevin Gokana, Immersive Experience Developer (Part 2)

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This is the second part of the interview. To read the first one, click here!

Marc: What advice would you give to students who want to enter the industry?

Kevin: Create! Give yourself creative goals and motivate yourself to achieve them in your free time!
In order to join a video game company, or even any industry, you usually need to showcase yourself.
Some may not have had the opportunity to do an internship in the field in order to be able to prove their experience.
As a result, everything you create can potentially serve as a portfolio to prove your skills as well as your interest.

Marc: What advice would you give to parents who want their children to play in moderation?

Kevin: I would agree with them. Any excess is not desirable and it seems to me to be a good thing, especially for children, that they should also remain open to activities other than video games.

M: Do you have any other tips for parents who don’t know how to play video games?

K: It seems healthy to me that parents have at least a small understanding of any activity that their child spends a lot of time or energy on.

So if your kids are big players, ideally, try to inform yourself or take a minimum interest in the subject.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Screenshot 7 Shared Screen
A screenshot of Dragon Ball Fighter Z, one of Kevin’s favorite games.
What are you playing at the moment? And do you recommend the titles in question?

At the moment I play mainly fighting games: Street Fighter 5, SoulCalibur 6, Dragonball Fighter Z…
All very good games!! I highly recommend them for those who love the genre!

Do you have any games to recommend for the kids? and for teenagers?

There are so many games available for different audiences…
I would especially recommend taking advantage of a site such as Écran Partagé that quickly allows you to get a list of games adapted according to the age and type of player!

Kevin, on what social networks can we find you? Do you have any creations, sites to promote?

Currently I am accessible on Linkedin.
I can be contacted and access some of my achievements/contributions.

Kevin, thank you so much for your time and advice.

The fun was for me, thanks to you!

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