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Street Fighter V G Écran Partagé2

Hello everyone!

We need:

  • editors
  • Business Development Specialist
  • marketing specialist
  • person wishing to get involved greatly in Écran Partagé with several roles for example.

This can be freelance (contractual, contractual), or part-time, full-time employee. We arrange according to the desired involvement and the time available.

You must have the right to work in Canada and be residents of the province of Quebec.

For editors:

ÉCRAN PARTAGÉ est un guide pédagogique bilingue de vulgarisation des jeux vidéo pour les parents et les néophytes.

We indicate whether parents can play with their children, the level of violence, the positive messages, the minimum reading level needed, the hidden or not additional costs…

If you like video games,you like to write,you are motivated, you are reliable, comfortable with technology and you want to popularize the information by being accurate in spelling and …

Bonus Points:

– If you are a simulation enthusiast: Flight Simulator, Madden, NHL, FIFA, F1 2021….
– Or if you are parents….
– Or if you are a fan of long adventure games: Witcher, Last of Us, Persona…
– Or if you are a fan of mainstream free-to-play: Fortnite, League of Legends, Apex Legends, Smite…
– Or if you’re playing games for kids outside Nintendo productions.
– Or if you play educational games with your children.

Contact us via Facebook Messenger or LinkedIn if you are interested.

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