What games were featured at DYNAMO?

Hexadome Featured Shared Screen

DYNAMO was an event that took place on June 20, 2024 at the NAD-UQAC school in Montreal.

You can check the details in the articles here.

Here are the games in development that were showcased:


Here is the link to a video of the gameplay:

Description: Vanguard is a 3D real-time strategy game focused on recreating authentic historical battles. The player takes on the role of the commander of one of the warring armies and must deal with the same resources and conditions that were available at the time. The player is able to discover, understand and interact with the major events that shaped the outcome of the chosen battle.

Avant-Garde is currently in the prototyping phase. It is possible to try the prototype on Itch.io .

Add Vanguard to your Steam wishlist , there’s no better way to be a part of its success.

Links to the networks:






Citadrill Featured Shared Screen
Citadrill Featured Shared Screen

Game Description: A city in a drill? It’s more likely than you think… Take care of your moving colony by drilling, building, and making important decisions about how to spend resources. (Do you really need that extra oxygen, or should you save resources for a fancy cannon?) Tinker with systems, die a lot, and take different approaches in this hybrid city-builder-slash-keep-everybody-alive roguelike.

Brief biography of the studio: Studio Moka is an independent team in which almost everyone owns at least one cat. Behind every successful game developer, there is at least one cat… Isn’t it? Citadrill is our first game together, born out of the love of systems, tinkering, and death.


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Citadrill’s itch.io
Citadrill’s Twitter


Baobab Games is the studio behind Project DION, a multiplayer sandbox PvP survival game set in a fantasy world inspired by the empires of West Africa. Baobab Games is currently organizing playtests. If you want to participate, please join the Discord.

Website: Baobab Games





Official website

The Hexadome: Aristeia Showdown

The Hexadome is a 1v1 turn-based tactical game that could be summarized as the meeting between XCOM and Overwatch.

Choose your champions and fight in merciless 1v1 turn-based matches. Send your fighters into the arena, position them strategically, create synergies, and put on a brutal show for the crowd! Unlock your ultimate attacks, influence the course of the game, and dominate the Hexadome!

About the game

Welcome to The Hexadome, a powerful blend of turn-based tactics and thrilling 1v1 combat! Choose your champions, jump into the arena, and take on your opponents in front of a mad crowd. The result: eternal glory. You are gladiators of the future, after all!

You read that right: in The Hexadome, you play as superstars who fight for glory and to the delight of the audience, and the arena opens its doors to new fighters: YOU!

Build your team of heroes, each with unique playstyles and abilities. Be ruthless but not brainless: use finesse and strategy, position your team intelligently, create synergies between them, thwart your opponent’s plans and fight your way to the top!

Upcoming events

The game will be playable at Montreal Comiccon from July 5 to 7, at booth #6049.

The game will then be closed beta from July 11 to 16 – you can sign up on Steam by clicking on “request access”.

Social Media

Discord , X/Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Facebook, Steam Community Hub, Steam Page

Official website

Project Corvus

ProjectCorvus Featured Shared Screen
ProjectCorvus Featured Shared Screen

Floppy Goat is a young Montreal studio made up of veterans of the video game industry. It was in February 2024 that we initiated our first project under the code name [PROJECT CORVUS].

Driven by our passion and know-how, we want to offer players a unique experience. Mixing the intensity of the “Souls” fights and the incredible variety of gameplay offered by the Roguelites, [PROJECT CORVUS] wants to offer digestible, intense and continuously renewed gaming sessions.

Imagine a game that offers the depth and feel of Dark Souls combat, in a Hades-like gameplay loop, where you must take advantage of the multitude of opportunities offered to you to defeat ever tougher enemies. Gaining experience and scaling choices, benefits that alter your gameplay, equipment and various items, will be your weapons to overcome the challenges that await you.

However, we will have to wait a little longer before we reveal more about the project. Currently at the end of prototyping, we want to be able to bring [PROJECT CORVUS] very soon to a few selected players in order to refine our prototype and offer the best possible gaming experience.

You can register for the closed beta here.

Official website

A big thank you to everyone for participating in the event. Follow our news to find out the date of the next event.

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