What is an EB Games warranty?

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When you shop at an EB Games store, the clerk will be required to offer you a warranty. It is very important to ask yourself a few questions before taking a guarantee. You need to know what is an EB Games warranty, what is it for and is it worth it?

The different guarantees offered

At EB Games, the clerk will offer you various replacement guarantees. This applies to your discs and consoles upon presentation of the original invoice.

For a year, you will be able to replace discs and cartridges that have scratches that prevent your game from working. This is known as the Replayability Guarantee. It’s $3 CAD for new games and $2 CAD for used games.

There is also a replacement warranty for accessories. This applies to controllers, headphones, etc. You have 90 days to have any accessories that are broken replaced.

You can also exchange any console that is under the store’s warranty for one year. Known as the Product Replacement Plan, with each console purchase, the clerk will be required to offer it to you. The warranty works under presentation of the invoice, with the original box and all the manuals. Here are the different prices for the guarantees of the different consoles:

$5 for systems between $1 and $49.99
$15 for systems between $50 and $99.99
$25 for systems between $100 and $149.99
$35 for systems between $150 and $199.99
$45 for systems between $200 and $249.99
$55 for systems between $250 and $299.99
$65 for systems between $300 and $349.99
$80 for systems between $350 and $399.99

It is also important to note that each warranty is available only in store, not online. The various companies that make consoles offer a one-year replacement warranty on their system. Here are the different guarantees of the sellers.

Is it worth it?

A console, when well maintained, can last for many years. When properly ventilated and cleaned, a console can easily last 5-7 years and more. When it comes to discs, a Blu-Ray disc can also break more easily than a regular DVD disc. But, when one is careful, a Blu-Ray disc can live for many years. A cartridge for the Nintendo Switch is quite resistant, since it was designed for children.

If you and your children pay attention to your consoles, controllers and discs, warranties are not necessary. They are an additional purchase that covers manufacturing defects for most cases. They often cover the period before the product begins to fail. On the other hand, if your children tend to break things down quite easily, the guarantees are for you. This is an additional cost that is more prudent when children learn to handle consoles well.

All in all, the safeguards have been put in place to prevent damage that can be caused by technical problems. If you are careful, this economical supplement is not worth it. Otherwise, you’d rather pay for the little extra than a full console.

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