What is GeForce NOW?

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Imagine the possibility of playing on a gaming PC with the best components right away and for not so expensive. It’s possible with GeForce NOW !

Whether it’s you, or your child, and you can’t invest in a gaming PC, it is possible to play with very good image quality and with a good configuration!

A high-performance PC remotely

GeForce Now is a streaming service where we can play our games via a high-performance gaming computer in real time. Having high-speed internet is necessary from the moment the game is launched on a remote machine and the images are streamed to our screen.

The high-performance PC does not belong to us, that is to say that once disconnected, we will be redirected next time to another PC and so on, we do not see the difference!

Unlike Xbox Game Pass, it’s possible to play your games in local multiplayer.

Geforce NOW How Screen Sharing Works

Multiple subscriptions

Several monthly or 6-month subscriptions are available depending on the power of the machine (image quality and fluidity) and continuous play time.

Geforce NOW Subscriptions Screen Sharing

Prerequisites (here PC)

  • Have a GeForce NOW account.
  • High-speed connection: A real-time streaming service requires a good internet connection, otherwise, it would not be much use to pay for this type of service. What will happen to you will be a lot of latency, an image quality not at the rendezvous and surely a queue to the servers more laborious.
  • Have your own games : Geforce NOW is not a game store. You will need to have your own games already installed on your machine. It is possible to link your Ubisoft , Epic Games and Steam accounts. Be careful, not all games are available ! But GeForce NOW supports most free-to-play games.
  • Keyboard / Mouse / Controller… according to your tastes.

Each device has its prerequisites but it remains almost the same.

Click here to see all the prerequisites requested per device.

Click here to see if your games are supported by the service.

I have an account, but how do I use it?

  • First, download the GeForce NOW software. Once done, just log in with your credentials.
  • Next step, connect your Ubisoft, Epic Games and/or Steam accounts.
Geforce NOW Steps Screen Sharing
  • Download the games you’d like to play in advance.
  • There you go! You should be able to play.

Sometimes multiple games are available on multiple platforms. GeForce NOW might ask you which account you have it on and want to play.

Finally, is it worth it?

I have personally been using the PREMIUM subscription for several months on Windows, and yes it’s worth it, in my case. If you are a gamer person, not being able / willing to invest hundreds and even thousands of dollars in a machine, this is a good compromise.

On the other hand, I do not recommend it to competitive games especially precision ones. Even if I have a very good internet connection, it can happen that the lag, even tiny, can change everything on your competitive gameplay. A frame shifted at the wrong time, a small latency imperceptible in a single player game will be in competitive game.

I’m talking about players pushing the competition to the maximum in this case. If it’s just to have fun with your friends, go for it!

I prefer to land on single-player, narrative, adventure etc. games in order to enjoy the graphics to the fullest.

Subscribe to GeForce Now here.

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