What is MEGAMIGS in 2021?

MEGAMIGS Banniere Ecran Partage

MEGAMIGS is now an annual event dedicated to bringing together all video game fans whether you are gamers or industry professionals. It is organized by La Guilde du jeu vidéo du Québec and Kaliko Productions.

The next edition takes place from 9 to 14 November 2021! The website and details of the convention are here.

What is MEGA?

The MEGA, for Montreal Expo Gaming Arcade, was an annual public event that offered video game developers the selves the 15th anniversary to show their latest productions to all players, young and old.

What is MIGS?

Migs, for Montreal International Game Summit, was an event dedicated to professionals in the video game industry, to gather, discuss, and eventually do business together. Surprisingly, professionals have few opportunities to meet if they don’t already know each other.

What was MEGAMIGS before the pandemic?

When video game fans and industry professionals travel the world to go to the MEGA in Montreal, and they have to make the trip for the MIGS a second time that takes place a few months later, it becomes difficult to justify.

Hence the idea of bringing the two events together into one. The general public can consult the recent video games of Quebec and Canadian developers, and video game professionals have an opportunity to do business networking, while consulting the news of recent productions.

It was therefore a convention where everyone can observe and head to the stands of game developers and publishers. They can then play the games presented.

Lectures are held throughout the weekend on multiple topics. The event is really aimed at anyone interested in video games.

What is MEGAMIGS in 2021 and 2020?

Same as before the pandemic but virtually! The event offers lectures, a virtual exhibition, and networking, all from the comfort of one’s home on one’s computer.

You will even be able to try the new games under development on your computer! General admission is free!

All the details are here.

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