What is The Legend of Zelda series? Part 1

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It is possible that while learning about the various games that Nintendo offers, you have heard about The Legend of Zeldaseries. You’re probably wondering: What is The Legend of Zeldaseries? First of all, know that it is a cult series of Nintendo and that it was born for the first time in 1986. That means the series is now 35 years old. It has therefore seen the light of day on many consoles, including the N.E.S.

What kind of universe?

This series is known for its fantastic medieval style. It is somewhat reminiscent of a universe similar to The Lord of The Rings or Game of Thrones,but much less violent. We meet fantastic creatures who want to help our hero progress. We must be wary of those who wish us harm. As the game progresses, the hero will make allies who will help him in his quest and find items that will allow him to progress. The game evolves with the player’s discoveries.

Who is the main hero?

The series is known for the confusing name assigned to the princess and not the hero. Indeed, the name of the character we control is Link. The name of the person to be saved is Princess Zelda. The series is named after him, as the creator thought that paying homage to Zelda’s eternal beauty would be easier to remember than the name of the main character. Which, by the way, can be changed at the beginning of the game.

What should he do?

In the series, the goal is quite simple: Save the princess. Or defeat the villain who terraces the land. In some games, the goal is quite different, but Link is often destined to save the kingdom of Hyrule from imminent danger.

He is equipped with his legendary sword, bow, arrows, grapples, boomerangs and bombs in order to get through the trials in front of him. These items are often found in games, and many more will be added to the character’s inventory when the various games are released.

What do the characters look like?

The characters we meet are often dressed in the medieval style. They will have clothes that reflect a bit of the medieval fantasy style that is lent to the series, but some will have extravagant clothes. The concept remains there, however: you will play in a medieval style environment. There are also various environments and the characters have various styles in the environment. Like for example, if Link goes to a more aquatic-style place, the characters will have beachwear. Or they will be more aquatic creatures.

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What do monsters look like?

Nintendo offers a variety of monsters in its series, the ones that come back are goblins, orcs, dragons, water monsters, etc. Monsters also have a style that is unique to their environment. If a monster comes from the desert, the game will have creatures that will be inspired by this style that will attack the player.

What do the environments look like?

The kingdom of Hyrule is vast and offers diverse environments. In all games, there are various styles of places. Those that are frequently seen are castles, deserts, aquatic environments, forests, etc.

Do I have to have played 35 years of games to be able to enjoy the last one?

No, because each game is different from the previous one. In each game, Link is either amnesiac or a reincarnation of the previous game. There are a few references from past heroes, but this is not the priority for the game.

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