What’s In The Minecraft 1.20 Update?

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At the Minecraft Live 2022 event, Mojang confirmed that Minecraft version 1.20 scheduled for 2023 will focus on giving players more and more opportunities to let their creativity run wild. The update does not currently have a title, but the themes are “self-expression through representation[1]). Here is what we currently know about the 1.20 update announced by Mojang.

More Character Customization

Currently, there are 2 default characters (Steve and Alex) and a multitude of predefined character skins (some skins can be purchased and others obtained or unlocked for free in the store). It is also possible to fully customize the appearance of your character’s hairstyle, size, color, and costume.

From the outset, Update 1.20 will offer 7 new basic character skins to better represent the diversity of players. In addition to these new basic skins, Minecraft will introduce new armor ornament features for more appearance customization. Players will be able to make armor ornaments to customize the appearance of their armor using the smithing table, a smithing template and, a trimming block or crystal.

New Biome And New Creatures

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Image by Mojang Studios

Update 1.20 will also unveil a new biome, the Cherry Blossom Biome. Cherry trees provide access to a new variety of wood, its pink leaves, and seeds. Sheep, pigs, and bees will be particularly associated with this biome.

Two new animals will be available with this update: the dromedary and the sniffer. The dromedary is an animal that can be used as a mount by two player characters at once. The sniffer is a creature that is born from an egg, and its eggs can be found in suspicious sand thanks to the new archaeology system. The sniffer will be useful since it knows how to sniff the seeds of new decorative plants.

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Image by Mojang Studios

Archaeology And New Blocks

Archaeology is a new feature that will allow players to find objects in a new structure, the archaeological site, using a brush. It is by using the brush on blocks such as sand, earth and gravel that small and large booty can be discovered.

This update will also offer new blocks with multiple uses. New decor builds include hanging signs, bamboo wood to make buildings and rafts, and carved bookcases that store books and pottery found at archaeological sites or in suspicious sand.

The new cherry and bamboo blocks will come in sets including stairs, slabs, and solid blocks. It will be possible to make regular signs and hanging signs using cherry wood, the same way as with other types of wood.

Hanging signs can be built in-game from wood and chains while brushes useful for archaeology can be crafted using a feather, a copper ingot, and a stick.

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Image by Mojang Studios


With the Cherry Blossom biome, new blocks and objects, and the archaeology system, Minecraft version 1.20 has a lot to offer, with new content and even more creative possibilities. We can’t wait to experience the new features that version 1.20 will bring!

An overview of the Cherry Blossoms biome

An overview of the new archaeology system

[1] IGN – Minecraft 1.20 2023 Update Details

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