Why is Microsoft blocking the use of unofficial controllers on Xbox?

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When connecting a third-party controller to an Xbox, some users have encountered an error stating that they only have until November 12, 2023 to use the “unauthorized” accessory before it is blocked.

Indeed, during a recent update to Xbox One/Series consoles, Microsoft included protection to block third-party controllers. Several Xbox gamers have reported a mysterious “0x82d60002” error message stating that their third-party controller is an “unauthorized accessory.”

“This means that one of the accessories you are trying to connect was not manufactured by Microsoft or another licensed Xbox hardware partner,” the message reads. It goes on to say that the user will only have two weeks to use the accessory before Microsoft blocks access to it.

“We encourage you to contact the store or manufacturer where you obtained the accessory for assistance in returning it,” the message adds.

Enough users received the message that Brook Gaming, a Chinese manufacturer of third-party controllers, sent out a tweet on October 20, informing customers of the issue. According to Brook, the error message appears on Xbox consoles updated to version 10.0.25398.2266 when the player launches an online game.

“We deeply regret any inconvenience this may cause you. Brook’s engineering team is fully committed to developing a solution to maintain product quality and functionality,” the company said. “Please trust that we will spare no effort to identify potential solutions.”

So far, Microsoft hasn’t commented on the potential block, but the company has released a new support page explaining that Microsoft advocates the use of authorized Xbox hardware.

“Accessories from Microsoft and other licensed Xbox hardware partners are designed and manufactured to quality standards for performance and security,” the support page says. “Unauthorized accessories can compromise the gaming experience on Xbox consoles (Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S).”

However, the new policy irritates Xbox owners, as third-party controllers may be more affordable, while other accessories, such as arcade sticks for fighting games, or some accessories used by people with disabilities, may offer a more advantageous control layout.

Microsoft wants to prioritize sales of official accessories. The annoyance is the number of users who have bought consoles that promise to be accessible, and which suddenly makes their accessories obsolete, 3 years after the release of the console.

It’s possible that Microsoft will change its mind if there is too much public backlash. They’ve already slashed prices that they’ve just increased, they’ve already locked in Xbox Series development mode capabilities that they’ve then unlocked.

It all depends on the feedback they receive and will receive.


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